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Top Ten Standard Bulk Mythics


Hello folks! I hope that you are having an awesome day today! Today I want to sequelize (which is not a word, but it should be) my article from two weeks ago on the Top Ten Standard Bulk Rares.

While the term, "bulk rare" is one that is well-defined, "bulk mythic" is not. Bulk rares have an easy price point. Take CoolstuffInc.com right here as one example. As of my writing of this article, they have 92 rares in Standard at a prince point of fewer than $0.50 from Acclaimed Contender to Yanling's Harbinger. If you go by the old banner of "a buck or less" then they have a total of 167 rares for under a dollar.

But what makes a mythic a bulk rate mythic? That's a bit more subjective. I have pulled all 116 Standard legal mythics right now here at CSI and sorted them by price. We only have seven less than a dollar. We have another 17 between $1-2. Then we have another 16 between $2-3. For today's list I want to keep things on the cheaper side, so we'll look at anything under $3. If the price of the mythic is lower than a booster pack, it's bulk.

With that caveat out of the way, what is on my list?

Honorable Mention: Calix, Destiny's Hand

Calix, Destiny's Hand

Calix is unique among planeswalkers. Why? Because he is the only one that enjoys enchantments. We have tons of artificers and artifact loving cards from Saheeli Rai to Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas are lovers of things artificial, but Calix is alone in his enchantment loving self. Where are the enchantment fans? You can net a solid addition to any enchantment loving deck!

#10. Dovin, Grand Arbiter

Dovin, Grand Arbiter

Let's unpack Dovin, Grand Arbiter. He's a fast three-mana walker and we have established how important that is. His -1 protects him with a flyer, not just a ground pounder, and makes artifacts for builds that care. His -7 ultimate will dig ten deep and net you an Ancestral Recall number of cards. His +1 helps massively to get him that that level or keep up the Thoptering. The first and second ability have strong synergy as flyers are more able to connect for loyalty counters. Take another look at Dovin, Grand Arbiter!

#9. The Circle of Loyalty

The Circle of Loyalty

With the ability to drop this Glorious Anthem variant for a cheaper cost, you have a lot to recommend it. Outside of the cost reduction, you net 3 power from your pump spell as well as the ability to pump others. You can also tap it to make those Knights and keep adding to win conditions. Unlike other Anthem effects, this still matters after a board wipe, as it can win you the game on its own.

#8. Skarrgan Hellkite

Skarrgan Hellkite

Speaking of winning the game, this variant of hasted mid-range flying Dragon offers a lot. You can give it haste if you need to and haste plus flying is strong. You can often net at least one hit before it dies to removal. It changes the game state. If you keep it back for a 5/5 you can also activate it to Arc Lightning for two damage divided across up to two targets, which is very flexible. I've won the game with either usage of riot, and it's arguably the best card with the keyword. It may have a Gruul watermark, but I actually like it better in Rakdos as its burn can work alongside the heavy removal of targeted removal and burn that Rakdos brings.

#7. Erebos, Bleak-Hearted

Erebos, Bleak-Hearted

Indestructible Gods are the best Gods. Over time, Gods have experimented with heading back to your library or your hand after death. But I prefer the ones that have indestructible. Erebos Take Two has a lot going for it. 4 mana. 5/6. Easy to turn on in a color loaded with heavy Black symbols such as Necropotence. You can sacrifice for variants of Weakness to kill off smaller indestructible creatures. It also has a game winning death trigger as you turn dead dorks to cards for two life. There's nothing here not to like and it serves as a powerful Mono-Black Commander option in the self-sacrifice for the cause mold.

#6. Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer

Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer

All right! Let's finish off the first half of my countdown and hit my third 'walker. As we've already looked, a three-mana Walker of Planes is very powerful. And Mu wins games and helps.

Consider this:

Turn three. Drop Mu. Use her +2 to drop a foe's dork to 0/X and remove any flying it may have. You have 4 loyalty.

Turn four. Use Mu's second ability and make a 4/4 flyer to protect your 'walker. On turn four. With a planeswalker ability. She has 1 loyalty.

Turn five. Use her +2 to drop someone's creature out of the air. Swing for 4 aerially. Continue for the rest of the game.

#5. Biogenic Ooze

Biogenic Ooze

I'll be honest. The high charting of Biogenic Ooze isn't due to its sheer power, although it's good! It makes a buddy, it increases the sizes of your Oozes, and can make more. It's 4 power on arrival and 6 power at the end of your turn. .But the reason it's here?

It's just so much fun! And after all, games are about having fun. If you aren't having fun when you are playing the game, then you are doing it wrong. So grab some Biogenic Oozes and get your happy face on!

#4. Angel of Grace

Angel of Grace

On the other hand, this five-drop is here purely for power. White doesn't often have flash on creatures without sharing a combo with Blue or Green. The flying is cool, and I've flash-blocked many a dork that thought I was open with it. I'm not. It's also beefy and bigger than the typical five-drop flash flyer. Blue's 5-drops tend to be 3/3s with an ability attached. Not this! It gives you a nasty 5/4. Oh, and then there are two other abilities here. You can use it to safe yourself from a lethal attack or a burn spell. That's powerful. And then you can exile it later from your graveyard to spin your die to 10 life from whatever it had fallen to. Note that's an instant ability and can be used anytime. What's not to love? I don't know!

#3. Realm-Cloaked Giant

Realm-Cloaked Giant

There was a time when this played with a strong chance of running into it in Standard. That time has sadly passed. Their loss proves to be our gain as we get a mega-cheap mythic of board-shattering proportions. Who wants to sweep the board? I do! And I can do so for only one more mana than Wrath of God and net a creature. Two cards for one! Or if you need the Giant now you can just drop it now. And later Cast Offs will save your Realm-Cloaked Giant. Also note that it's not hard to make a Giant deck by accident and turn this into a powerful game-ender as you leave alone your Sun Titan, Primeval Titan, Beanstalk Giant, Bonecrusher Giant, Stonehewer Giant or Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath. Win the game and keep your team alive all in one card!

#2. Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded

Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded

This is another that plays into a powerful Mono-Red leader for Commander. Red is very easy to get to devotion and you can have four already when you get to turn five and drop this. At 7/6, it kills in three hits with Commander damage. It's solid for a Mono-Red control build (hard to answer, can drop big Red beaters for three for a turn past counters), a Mono-Red artifact build (drop artifacts for three), a Mono-Red midrange build (with haste given to the other dorks), or Mono-Red Voltron (make it unblockable, pump it with equipment to 11 power easily and then kill in two hits). It's massively powerful and flexible. It's also powerful in other builds. Enjoy the Bronze Blooded One.

But it's not #1. Nothing else could be...

#1. Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis

Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis

I gave a comparison where this was better at killing than Elspeth, Knight-Errant even without ever using its escape. It's double token making on turns 4 and 5 outpace the single token massively, and pumping them by 4 on turn six kills a lot faster than Elspeth, Knight-Errant.

The cost of that version? $11.99. Cost of Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis as of the writing of this article? $2.99.

Math doesn't lie. This is the better clock. It's the faster token-maker. And it can gain you life or pump if you need, and you can also bring it back with a low number of cards needed to do so. She's awesome, and after Sun's Champion, this is her second-best iteration.

Math doesn't lie; her price does.

And there we have it! I hope that you enjoyed this look at affordable mythics. Anything in here that inspired you, just let me know! Have an awesome day!

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