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Ranking All the Class Cards


Hello happiest of people! I hope that your day is just having as much fun as you are! There are 13 Classes that have been printed, and my Top Ten normally has 10 cards plus two or three honorable mentions, so I thought it would be fun to rank all 13 based on where I think they should fall! We'll be looking at their ability in kitchen table play like multiplayer generally, Commander specifically, Cube, Five Color and other casual formats like Type Four. Ready?

#13. Barbarian Class

Barbarian Class

This one will give you two die rolls instead of one when you toss something like Ancient Gold Dragon's d20. You can update it to level two and then boost your stuff when you toss dice, and then the last one gives your stuff haste. This is clearly only in die rolling matters brews, and it's not flexible enough for other spaces, therefore it's a bit one note. But it's nice in that brew!

#12. Bard Class

Bard Class

The Bard Class was a big hit in Standard and got some play there. Two Gruul colored mana to drop and then can increase the size of legendary stuff that arrives to your battlefield by a +1/+1 counter each. Then you can spend two more mana to reduce the cost of your legendary stuff. Five mana later it will let you exile and cast two spells from your library and cast them this turn as you cast legendary stuff. That's nice card flow, but I've never seen this Class at level 3. It just sits on level two. This only works on legendary stuff and unlike Barbarian Class it's just one color, but as a legendary enabler the two mana each time you cast it you dig down pretty quickly. So, it's a better enabler but in fewer decks with its two colors, hence it hits right above the Barbarian Class.

#11. Paladin Class

Paladin Class

This one-drop will force your foes to spend another mana for their casts in your turn. Nice taxing there. The next ability for three mana will act as a Glorious Anthem for just one more mana that the card would cost and that's nice in both token and aggro brews. The five-mana level 3 will turn one attacking dork into a nasty game winner when other dorks swing. That's a powerful slate of abilities that work in Tax brews, going wide ones, and Voltron brews with a bunch of dorks to pump up your Commander. I also like this in Hate Bears with enough bodies to pump up and get a Commander Damage kill with level 3.

#10. Sorcerer Class

Sorcerer Class

Another two-drop in two colors. On arrival to the battlefield this draws and discards two. Therefore, it always has value even if answered, although not card equilibrium as you draw and discard two on another card, but synergy with discarding, madness, reanimation, and other stuff. Then you can two mana and let your dorks tap for mana that can only be used for instants and sorceries, nice mana making in a Spellslinger brew. Then you can spend five mana to force each cast instant/sorcery to shoot your foes for damage equal to your count of those spells this turn, so it's a win-con there.

Spellslinger is one of the most beloved archetypes running around, and getting a nice unique tool to turn your creatures made from your Young Pyromancer into mana rampers and then use that to quickly level up and gain a win con is nice. Spellslinger is a Top Ten archetype over at EDHREC.com. Good synergy with one archetype here, and then the ETB ability works well in a few different places, but it's at #10 overall since it requires two colors to run around.

#9. Cleric Class

Cleric Class

As you can see, this class will increase your life gain by 1 life each time it happens, which is great in life gain or Soul Sisters brews. You can spend four mana to put a +1/+1 counter on each dork you control when you gain life, which also really helps the 1-drop 1/1 Soul Warden style cards in Soul Sister brews. Then at level 3 you can return a dork from your graveyard to the battlefield and gain life equal to its toughness. This is obviously designed for Life Gain brews where this is a nice tool, and they are even more popular, coming in second-most at EDHREC.com, only coming in behind the generically named artifacts. Being in a more popular archetypes pushes this above Sorcerer Class, but it comes in under ones with more flexibility we'll see later hitting our list. Love this thing loads!

#8. Wizard Class

Wizard Class

Another one-drop uncommon back-to-back! This 1-drop will prevent you from discarding due to hand size. Then you can draw two cards at level 2, which is four mana total at sorcery speed, a bit slow, but it is card advantage. Then the level 3 turns this into drawing a card and placing a +1/+1 counter on a dork you control, like your Commander, which could be quite a lot of cards drawn in a typical Commander game. This is best in Commander where you can prevent discarding, draw two, and win-con in one card, but it feels less powerful and more mana heavy than other options out there. It's pretty flexible as a card since it's a fun cheap option that cannot easily be stopped as an enchantment, but it doesn't blow anything out of the water either. This thing is in 27,907 cards over at EDHREC.com where this has clearly become a staple already in 5% of Blue decks. Nice!

#7. Warlock Class

Warlock Class

Three mono-colored, one-drop, uncommon Classes in a row! This will trigger each of your end steps and forces your foes to lose a life if anyone's creature died this turn, a nice win con in Aristocrats and Sacrifice brews. Then you can level this up for just two mana and then draw one card from the top three of your library, and put the other two in your graveyard, nice card flow and graveyard filling on one ability. Then a massive 7 mana needs to be spent to level up again and this time you can force your foes to lose life equal to the lost life this turn in your end step, which I've never seen anyone get, but it's a double win con, card draw, and graveyard filling in one card, so it can play nicely in graveyard adjacent brews like reanimation and recursion, with the aforementioned Aristocrats and Sacrifice brews as well as in decks with a lot of flashback.

It's very strong in multiple places, all of which are pretty heavily played. Aristocrats is the sixth-most played archetype on EDHREC.com and Sacrifice matters 10th most, and then recursion and reanimation are also quite popular at the kitchen table as well. So, this thing fits into more brews at the kitchen table, thus it hits one higher than Wizard Class.

#6. Rogue Class

Rogue Class

This Dimir two-drop name drops Rogues. When a dork you control deals combat damage to a foe, exile the top card of their library and you can look at it. Then you can spend three mana to level up and gives your stuff the worst evergreen evasive ability - menace. Which plays well with the first ability to get past defenses for that exiling trigger. Then for four mana you can cast the things you exiled with any mana you control enabling you to cast other colors not in your color identity. This is pretty powerful in a few builds. I like this in mill brews where you can add to the foe's milling by exiling their cards with your combat just naturally over time, and they don't go to the graveyard for later use or recursion or flashing back. Then you can use this in decks with evasive dorks, combat triggers to give menace to, and Dimir Commanders like Vela the Night-Clad and the flying Dragonlord Silumgar. It's not as powerful as other gold Classes so it hits just outside of the top five slot.

What cards hit my top five?

#5. Monk Class

Monk Class

This Azorius rare cracks out top five, just barely. The second spell you cast each turn costs 1 generic mana fewer. That fits into many different brews from cantrips, storm to aggro to Spellslinger, and that should pay for its two cast in just a few turns. The first level up is just two more mana, and then you can bounce one target (nonland) permanent from to the hand from in play. That's nice keep away for auras that hurt you since you can bounce your dork and then recast it and they lose their aura, and then you can reload a key ETB trigger like bouncing your Mulldrifter or Karmic Guide to your hand.

Note that this cannot be done in response to anything since it's just sorcery speed. Then just three mana to get to the final ability, quite cheap, and then in your upkeep you can exile the top card of your library and cast it if you've cast another spell this turn. Nice card flow over time, and it costs one fewer to cast. It's cheap, and quite good, but the power isn't there as much, so it's just hitting at 5, but it's quite good in decks like Spellslinger in Jeskai (built around Whirlwind of Thought), storm, aggro that casts a few spells on your turn like Glorious Anthem and Isamaru, Hound of Konda, control decks with a bunch of instants, flash-matters, and then other key places as well.

#4. Druid Class

Druid Class

A nice hit in other constructed formats for the Classes and the top scoring uncommon is this. This has a natural landfall trigger to gain a life, which is nice in 40 life, but not amazing in Commander, but it's way better in 20 life ones like Five Color. Then you can level it up for three mana and play an extra land each turn, and landfall trigger plus Exploration is a pretty good combo in one card. And then you can level it up once more with five mana and then turn a land you control into a creature with haste and power and toughness equal to your land count. I love this after a mass removal spell sweeps the board and then you can swing with a beater on the turn you made it. This adds a win con to a landfall trigger and the Exploration we already looked at. It's a great addition to any green ramp deck. It's in a pretty big 18,617 decks that include green on EDHREC.com.

#3. Fighter Class

Fighter Class

Our highest-scoring gold card is this Boros two-drop. On arrival this fetches an equipment and puts it your hand, so that's always card equilibrium. Equipment as an archetype is the fourth most-played theme, and this loves it. And then you can also use this in Voltron brews that pump up their Commander for win cons with auras, equipment, and sometimes things like exalted. It's also good in many other decks looking for a key equipment, like Boros tokens that wants to get Skullclamp to grab all the cards or Sunforger.

Then you can level up and drop your equip costs by 2 which is great with the aforementioned Sunforger and Skullclamp. That two equip reduction will pay for itself in just a few turns on the five mana total spent. Then another five mana will let you force an opposing block on creatures as you swing, which can be creature removal when targeting things like Esper Sentinel and Blood Artist. This is equipment fetching, cost reduction and creature removal, so there is a lot of card advantage here, board control, and more. Even if answered quickly, you'll get the two-mana equipment tutor, which is around the same price you'd expect to pay for a similar tutor. This is very strong in multiple popular archetypes in this color combo.

What is my penultimate hitting two-drop?

#2. Ranger Class

Ranger Class

This was a big hit in Standard for Classes since it makes a 2/2 Wolf on arrival to the battlefield. Then you can easily level it up for two mana prior to it attacking on turn 3 and then getting a 3/3 from the +1/+1 counter you put on all your attackers, and it will keep growing over time as well as your other attackers. Then you can spend four mana at sorcery speed and then you can cast creatures from the top of your library which is great in decks with a big creature count, and you can set your library up with cards like Sylvan Library and Sensei's Divining Top. This works well in tons of shells. Aggro like Selesnya and Gruul. Tokens since this makes a token on arrival and pumps them up as they swing very early on. Decks with big creature counts but smaller bodies like Hate Bears and Midrange that can turn their Cloudblazer and Gaddock Teeg into beaters and cast them from the library are awesome.

I also like this in decks with an evasive leader like the flying Rith, the Awakener that swings to get pumped and loves level 3 quite ably too for later fun times. You can get all three levels prior to a six-drop getting cast on turn 5 with one mana ramp. I also love this level 2 with haste leaders that can swing on naked boards and get pumped like Blanka, Ferocious Friend and Samut, Voice of Dissent. It's very synergetic in tons of builds and is the top scoring card from the set that debuted this thing.

#1. Artificer Class

Artificer Class

Our top-scoring card is the only card printed in its set with the Class subtype. The first artifact you cast each turn cost one fewer, which will easily pay for itself in a few turs from its two cost. Then you can easily add two mana on the next turn if you dropped it on the second turn and then draw the top artifact card from your library and then put the rest onto the bottom of your library. Then for an admittedly high six mana you can make a token that's a copy of any artifact you control each of your end steps. That's really strong with Mana Rocks like Sol Ring, equipment like Darksteel Plate, creatures like Solemn Simulacrum, card draw like Mind's Eye, and more. Remember that artifacts are the most beloved archetype in the game and equipment is 4th, so you get two top five archetypes that can really use this quite ably. It's also got value in Vehicles matter (20th in number). It's pushed more since it's only legal in Commander, Legacy and Vintage and thus an easy choice for #1.

And there we are...so what did you think of my rankings of the thirteen classes for kitchen table play. What did I get in the wrong order? Which one is your favorite? Just let me know!

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