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Top Secret Lair Themes


(Editor's note - I found this e-mail that was apparently back-sent to the past accidentally, dated November 25th, 2020. You know how Microsoft Outlook has a feature that will delay delivery of an e-mail until later? Well apparently, something had gone wrong in the future and sent this back to us using the same delay delivery feature. This was along with a lot of other future e-mails, like ones with work related information or future birthdays. This one e-mail though has a screenshot of the Wizards of the Coast homepage. I wrote down the info for you. - Abe Sargent )

Hello Magic Community,

Congratulations! You have successfully figured out the bread crumbs laid out for you in a very Eldraine style. You followed the gentle hints on social media as well as in the background of some art on our website and found this link, like we always knew you would.

We have great faith in you!

As you know, as a part of the end of the year 2020 we have been launching a few fun Magic themed products around the number 20. But this is the real deal.

Today we are announcing Secret Lair 2020. This initiative will begin on December 1st and run through the 21st.

Last year when we began the Secret Lair initiative, we knew that we were hoping to extend it, and work out any kinks. We wanted to make sure that there were no snafus and wanted to launch the product with the ability to give any interested fans the opportunity to get their hands on once-in-a-time products that would really help out from stocking stuffers to big arts for everyone.

And you really enjoyed them! We got a great chance to stress test the system and work out some kinks that invariably arise for these new systems. Great! Now that we've gotten a good chance to collect your feedback, we wanted to push into new territory with this visionary new design with artwork that is very unique to the game.

Today we want to introduce you to the 20 themes that will be a part of the 2020 launch. We'll look at the cards, and discuss the theme in detail.

Are you ready? Let's do it!


20. Skreds of the Red


Much like Serum Visions in last year's product, Skred is a great card that's useful in many formats, and has never been printed outside of Coldsnap. Until now! Skred is a powerful and iconic card which has led to its' use in formats from Standard to Modern and beyond. We are returning three of the artists from the Serum Visions set as well as giving you a new bold take on MTG art! Are you ready to get your Skred on? Let's ice up!

19. Eggcellent

Rukh Egg
Roc Egg
Dragon Egg

After the big hit of Egg themed decks all over Commander from the Atla Palani, Nest Tender builds, we knew that you really wanted a chance to crack some Eggs for the cause! Thus, this Secret Lair theme gives you the three legal Eggs in your colors as well as the three tokens that each will make upon the sad death of them. Are you ready to crack some more Eggs?

18. Planet of the...

Gorilla Shaman
Kird Ape
Simian Spirit Guide

After doing some polling with you all we heard loud and clear that the tribe that you feel has been most left out is this one. The Apes! We hear you. We are giving you a powerful set of Apes for your ownership with some outside the box Jungle-inspired art. Note that until now, we've never had a foil Gorilla Shaman, and two of the others of these are very powerful indeed. Let's Ape-up the world!

17. The Unprintables

Psychic Purge

Sorry! These are cards that were mistakes and will never be printed again. These are fun cards that are out of flavor. From Red's destroying of any creature in Fissure to direct damage in Blue. Raw card drawing in Green? A Fog in Black? We can't print these again in a Standard legal set, so where else could you get them but here and their funky movie-mafia inspired art that calls back the dark era of when alcohol was illegal in Prohibition America. Some of these have also never been available in Foil, such as Fissure! Enjoy!

16. Blue Acid Trips


Have you taken one too many trips down the Cantrip Lane? I get it! That's why we have this triad of Acid-terror. All three of these cards are ideal at keeping that sweet card flow going. And going. And... going. From Commander to Vintage to Standard, one mana cantrips are highly useful, and I know that you want them! You want them badly! Come on over and enjoy this Acid Rain inspired art!

15. War of the Brothers

Mishra, Artificer Prodigy
Feldon of the Third Path
Tawnos, Urza's Apprentice
Urza's Ruinous Blast

The problem with Antiquities is that while it was really the first set to tell a story, it did so poorly. No bother. We've got you covered! Here are four folks that help to put the Antiquities' War onto the battlefield in the front lines, from Mishra and Tawnos, to the one advocating for another path as well as the final ending to it all. Here you can see the War from these four cards that tell the story and have some fun and powerful popular cards! The Uzra/Mishra War is one that will live on forever! Grab some cards!

14. Foiled Again

Riddlemaster Sphinx
Ancestor Dragon
Basalt Monolith

During the years, we've had a number of cards that are fun, but which have never been given a foiled up version for those that might be interested. From recent hits like Riddemaster Sphinx and Ancestor Dragon to older stalwarts like Basalt Monolith and Pox, we have a number of folks here. It's time to change that! The funny art for these cards that shows aluminum foil in the background is classic. Foil up!

13. Cycling Cyclers

Astral Slide
Hollow One
Street Wraith

Did you know that Fluctuator was not on the Reserve List? It was just waiting on the call, like this! Here we have some strong cyclers and enablers for those that want to party with the best of the best. From the free Street Wraith to the often-free Hollow One we've got you covered. Are you ready to get some powerful cycling? Channel your inner Lance Armstrong.

12. Commanding Commanders

Krenko, Mob Boss
Sygg, River Cutthroat
Gabriel Angelfire
Karlov of the Ghost Council

There are a small but pertinent number of Commanders that either have never had a foil version printed, or have been printed such a long time ago that the market has outpaced the initial card. This is a love letter for you! We hope you will find something in here for you to take away and use for your next deck!

11. Beginner's Luck

Fire Imp
Hunting Cheetah

Righteous Fury
Personal Tutor
Predatory Nightstalker

Everyone remembers and cherishes their first set. For a lot of players, that was the Portal sets! We get you! Here we have a selection of cards from starter sets that have never been reprinted but which folks really want. This set gives you everything from Fire Imp which is great removal on a stick to the Predatory Nightstalker that's an Edict on a stick as well. These five cards are all ones with a useful and powerful cachet still today, and all are useful. Get yours!

10. Serra's Angel Corps

Serra the Benevolent
Serra Avenger
On Serra's Wings
Serra's Guardian

We know that you adore Serra and her Angels. We do too! Here we wanted to give you a little love gift, with a fun full art, textless, borderless of Serra the Benevolent from last year as well as the first foil of Serra's Guardian, the powerful and overlooked Serra Avenger and even a certain aura that will enable any of your creatures to have their dreams of Angel-hood see reality. Do you enjoy the special white border that we introduced for this set as well? I hope so!

9. The Eldest of Dragons

Arcades Sabboth

Nicol Bolas
Vaevictis Asmadi

Did you know that Commander was originally named after the Elder Dragons? You had to select one legendary creature from the set, and no one else could use that creature. Or other legendaries too. The Elder Dragons and their war are the early years of the game at its very best. You can get them all right here! Dragon up!

8. Walking to Infinity

Garruk Wildspeaker
Ajani Goldmane

Jace Beleren
Liliana Vess
Chandra Nalaar

We have a real treat for you! We wanted to bring back the original Lorwyn Five. Grab this set and recall the old time of cracking these in boosters. Live again the old days or experience them for the first time anew. We've given you an iconic moment in each of their stories in the background of their new art as well as the borderless, textless version we debuted above for Serra. Which plane are you walking to? Why not take some friends with you?

7. Land-a-Ganza

Kodama's Reach

No matter what the build, there are some cards that are always played to get those sweet, sweet lands. Their names are iconic. Cultivate. Kodama's Reach. Cultivate. Kodama's Reach. Repeat. We wanted to give you the chance to get two unusual art styles for each. As you can see, we have two Cultivates and two Reaches, each of which has a powerful Green, natural, pastoral feel to it. Unlike many of the other art here, they are throwback oil on canvas works with a classic, timeless feel to them. I hope you enjoy them!

6. And The Moon is Us

Bad Moon
Blood Moon
Alpine Moon

Blood Moon is iconic. But its art has been some version of a giant reddish moon. It was time for a new take on that card. See also Bad Moon with the same issues. And Alpine Moon can play into the same concept. Don't you love how the Bad and Blood are two halves of the same moon at the same time, with the Alpine the middle section? I know. Get your Moon on!

5. Thou Shalt Not Attack

Ghostly Prison
Windborn Muse
Collective Restraint

Ever since Koskun Falls and Propaganda captured the imagination of people everywhere, these sorts of cards have been vital to casual play everywhere and heavily played in Commander among other formats. Today we are giving you four that play into this iconic nature, as well as Propaganda, which until now, has never been foiled. Ready for stay alive? I hope!

4. The Urzatron

Urza's Mine
Urza's Tower
Urza's Power Plant

Ever since they debuted this trio of lands has captured the imagination of many a Jenny and Johnny, who have hoped to the live the dream. They've also been in formats like Modern where they've become besties with Karn. And now you can get them too! We have four ways for you to order these as well. The first is to get Pack 1, which nets you one of each, and you can choose which of the four art you get. The second are Packs 2, 3, and 4 and you can get a four set with one of these new, amazing, industrial looking works. I know you want to catch them all!

3. The Unglueds

Goblin Tutor

Giant Fan
Goblin Bookie
Hungry Hungry Heifer

Silver bordered cards from the first set, Unglued, came out before foils were added to the game. They have never been added in foil or any other promo form, and never could be printed in any form from Commander decks to other products. They'll never arrive, ever. Sorry. That's where Secret Lair steps in! This is it! Also, don't you really like how this art takes the concept seriously and removes the jokes from the card?

And if you enjoy this mega-outside of the outside of the box silver bordered treats, just let us know!

2. The Invitationals

Solemn Simulacrum
Avalanche Riders
Meddling Mage
Shadowmage Infiltrator

If you win the Magic Invitational, you had a chance to come out with a historical chance to make it as a card. The winning cards we've seen have been pushed hard. Many of these cards are among the best printed. All of these four are useful and solid and have put in a lot of power in formats such as Commander and Cube and Modern through today. Enjoy them once more, and maybe you can establish your own path to winning and getting your card added for eternal fame.

1. The Alpha Family

Lightning Bolt
Sengir Vampire

Serra Angel
Llanowar Elves

All the way back in the first set we had a number of powerful cards that have resonated through the years. For our final piece de resistance you will find this quintet of callbacks. We have a representative of each color of an iconic card that is still played today. Still loved today. And look at that sweet, sweet art. Yep! We've done callbacks to the original pieces as they appeared in their original art, and where possible, we have the original artist recrafting them for you! I know! You want this. (I do too)

And there you have it. Which ones are you going to want to pick up? Anything else you want us to do? Just let Wizards know! Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic life.

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