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Ali Plays Historic Turbo Mog


Historic Anthologies III is OUT! And I am super pumped for what it brought: my favorite Eldrazi, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. I not only got to Mythic with Ulamog but I also broke top 100 because I've enjoyed playing Historic and this deck in particular. I wanted to build a deck that could cast Ulamog quickly, and this was the result!

Time Stamps:

00:01:44 - Match 1

00:14:24 - Match 2

00:25:25 - Match 3

00:50:26 - Match 4

01:12:26 - Match 5

01:22:23 - Match 6

This deck can power out Ulamog as early as turn three, but that is not realistic. On average, it can do it on turn 4-5 without disruption very easily. However, people will be disrupting you and it is especially important to know when to leverage your mana creatures, when to go all in on them, when to hold back, and when to start attacking with them to win with Leyline of Abundance's +1/+1 counter ability. You will lose a lot of matches if you do not take full advantage of your mana creatures and just try to cast Ulamog as fast as possible every game. Sometimes it is a race (like against Winota), but other times you just need to build an army of buff mana creatures! I highly recommend watching the video for some game play action with the deck. If you enjoy ramping or want to hard cast Ulamog, then this deck is for you!

Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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