MTG The Lost Caverns of Ixalan available now!
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Get Ready for Ixalan


The Ixalan Prerelease is three weeks away but today we got our first look at the packaging for the upcoming release, as well as the new Planeswalker decks, In Store Play Promos, and an update to Buy-a-Box.

First up is the packaging. This is how the boosters and bundles from Ixalan will appear on store shelves this fall.

Next we have the new Planeswalker from the Planeswalker decks with their exclusive Standard legal cards.

Here are the Double Sided Tokens you can get at Friday Night Magic this fall, as well as the Open House (Walk the Plank), League (Unclaimed Territory), and Draft Weekend (Bishop of Rebirth).

This time around, the Buy-a-Box promo comes with a booster that contains an additional promo and the contents of two Standard Showdown boosters.

Finally, we have five Basic Lands from Ixalan that show Jace, well, Totally Lost.

Ixalan is now available for Preorder! Pick up sealed product and singles as they're posted!

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