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Black, Severa, and Cohen win Grand Prix Louisville


Team Grand Prix are perfect for groups of friends. At Grand Prix Louisville, some of these groups of friends were really good at Magic. Over 400 teams showed up to test their mettle at Eldritch Moon-Shadows over Innistrad team sealed but at the end only one team could emerge triumphant.

Sitting outside the elimination rounds were perennial team tournament contenders the Peach Garden Oath - Owen Turtenwald, Huey Jensen, and Reid Duke. Finishing in 16th place was the team of Jon Finkel, Jamie Parke, and Chris Pikula. While this finish did not qualify Pikula for the Pro Tour it did pull him within one Pro Point of getting back on the Hall of Fame ballot.

The Top 4 had an abundance of talent. The teams were:

  • Alexander Hayne, Mike Sigrist, Steve Rubin
  • Sam Black, Matt Severa, Justin Cohen
  • Ben Rubin, Matt Boccio, Tillman Bragg
  • Paul Rietzl, Matt Sperling, Jelger Wiegersma

  • In the final draft it was Black-Severa-Cohen, who were undefeated on Day One, up against Rubin-Boccio-Bragg. It was the three housemates from Madison that now had a collection of trophies to display in their home.

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