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Ichikawa, Matsumoto, and Takimura Win Grand Prix Kyoto!


Team Grand Prix are special events. Magic at its core is a game. Playing alongside your friends is great. Losing next to your friends is better than losing alone. Winning on a team with your friends, well that's something special.

In Grand Prix Kyoto, the team of friends that won have a Pro Tour pedigree. Day One started with 779 teams ready to battle in Eldritch Moon-Shadows over Innistrad team sealed. At the end of Day Two there were only six players left standing with a chance to win the trophies. The team of Kitahara Hiroaki, Ken Yukuhiro (2 Pro Tour Top 8s), Kentaro Yamamoto (3 Pro Tour Top 8s) squared off against the team of Yuki Matsumoto, Yuuki Ichikawa (2 Pro Tour Top 8s), Kazuyuki Takimura (Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar champion). It came down to the final match but after it was all said and done Matsumoto, Ichikawa, and Takimura were the ones raising the hardware.

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