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William 'Huey' Jensen Wins the 2017 Magic World Championship


He ended Day One undefeated. He ended the second day of the 2017 Magic World Championship with a scant two losses. He is William "Huey" Jensen and he is your 2017 World Champion.

Huey led the event wire to wire - am impressive feat for a field featuring 24 of the best players of the past year. Huey's dominance meant that a trio of players on 9 wins - Josh Utter-Leyton and Kelvin Chew on Blue-Black Control and Javier Dominguez on Ramunap Red. Jensen was on Temur Energy and was going to have to face his demons: his losses in the Swiss came to Chew and Dominguez.

First up was Kelvin Chew. Jensen redeemed himself and won in four games. On the other side of the bracket Dominguez was able to take our Utter-Leyton, meaning the finals were going to be between two known archetypes. It took four games with razor thin margins but on the penultimate turn of the fourth game Jensen swung with his army and forced Dominguez to block. Almost any card in the Red deck would have ended sent the players to a deciding fifth game but it was not to be. Dominguez drew his card and paused. He then flashed the useless Chandra's Defiance and Huey was $100,000 richer and the World Champion!

This weekend also saw the end of the first Pro Tour Team Series. Sunday morning the players from Genesis - Seth Manfield, Brad Nelson, Martin Dang, Lukas Blohon, Martin Mueller, and Thomas Hendriks (replacing Michael Majors, who took a job at Wizards of the Coast) - took on Musashi - Teruya Kakumae, Yuuya Watanabe, Kentaro Yamamoto, Yuuki Ichikawa, Ken Yukuhiro, and Shota Yasooka. The teams were split into two groups of three to play best of three matches of Ixalan Team Sealed.

Team Genesis took the first match and was on the precipice of winning the second. Martin Dang was up against Kentaro Yamamoto and needed to win a single game to end the series with a Genesis victory. It was not to be and Yamamoto forced a decisive third match. In that match, Musashi took control and won, ending the Pro Tour Team Series much as they started it: victorious.

Congratulations to Team Musashi and to William Jensen on their amazing accomplishments!

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