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Ali Plays Azorius Control


This weekend I'll be in SCG Richmond teaming up with Caleb Durwald and Justin Parnell. I will be in the Standard seat piloting uw Control as I've found this deck gives me the most decisions and tools to beat almost any matchup in the metagame. This particular list comes from Brad Sheppard, a fellow North Carolinian and excellent control player, so I trust his control decks to be powerful and consistent!

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:01:46

Match 2 - 00:19:36

Match 3 - 00:26:29

Match 4 - 00:42:00

Match 5 - 01:15:41

The oddballs are Whirlwind Denial which is very good against Hydroid Krasis countering everything about it if the opponent taps out. Also, I've seen some lists not playing Narset and I honestly think this deck is unplayable without Narset. We have way too many decks in the format that just draw a bunch of cards over and over with things like Edgewall Innkeeper, Setessan Champion, Hydroid Krasis, Midnight Reaper, Gadwick, the Wizened, and more. You need Narset to lock down all that card advantage or you'll be buried by it. Heliod's Intervention has been amazing out of the Sideboard against Mono-White, Mono-Red, and Cat Oven decks. You can see the power of the Intervention in this video against the Cat Oven opponent.

This deck is very good and I would recommend it if you enjoy playing control decks!

Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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