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Standard Bant Bugler


Today I decided to revisit my Bant Prime Speaker Vannifar deck. I used to say that the best Vannifar deck would be the one that relied on her least, so I built my decks so that she was a good card in said decks but was needed for the deck to function. Today I decided to cut Vannifar entirely and just go with a value deck instead. I had Jadelight Rangers, Militia Buglers, Hydroid Krasis, and planeswalkers for card advantage. This is what I ended up playing!

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:03:36

Match 2 - 00:22:36

Match 3 - 01:02:01

Match 4 - 01:23:54

Match 5 - 01:40:21

This deck is slightly different than the one I play in the video and that's because this is the updated version after we play all our matches. I figured I'd rather have you copy the updated list than get the old one. I'm sure not everyone can watch all the way to the end of the video. This deck feels self-explanatory when you look at it, but the lines can get complex. Making the right choices with Bugler and Jadelight while also making sure you're attacking properly adds up. Even I make some mistakes in combat here where I just don't start attacking fast enough or attack with the wrong creatures. Also correct mana usage is very important, especially when it comes to Frilled Mystic, so tap your mana correctly!

I'm not a huge fan of creature decks but I really like this one. It's because you have so many choices and your hands are almost always full of cards, so you're not running out of gas even against the control decks. I'd recommend this deck to people that like drawing cards and/or people that like creature decks, it's a blast to play!

As always, thanks for reading,

Ali Aintrazi

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