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Ali Plays Standard Esper Walkers


Today we are looking at Esper walkers in Standard. The deck revolves around getting as many planeswalkers into play as possible while also keeping them safe with countermagic and removal! We have a decent amount of singleton planeswalkers because we cannot play multiple planeswalkers with the same name, and the more we have out, the more we can snowball! I am also running Ichormoon Gauntlet to turbo out ultimates, particularly Vraska's. Then we can proliferate with any other planeswalker and give them the 10th poison counter. This deck has a heavy Sideboard for Mono-Red but if you are not running against much Mono-Red then feel free to switch it up. Go forth, summon all your planeswalker friends and crush your opponents!

Time Stamps:

02:10 - Match 1

27:56 - Match 2

As always, thanks for reading,

Ali Aintrazi

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