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More Standard Sultai Reclamation


Hello everyone, it's Friday again and today we are revisiting Sultai Reclamation. We played the deck this past Wednesday in best of one and today we are trying it in best of three since Nexus of Fate is not banned in best of three. The deck is similar to other Nexus of Fate decks but it has some different ways to attack that other Nexus decks do not. Let's go ahead and look at the list.

Like other Nexus decks we have the Wilderness Reclamation, Nexus of Fate, and Hydroid Krasis package but we also have a Primal Amulet, Mastermind's Acquisition, and Precognition Field element as well. When you start taking turns, you take all the turns thanks to Primal Wellspring. We then can kill our opponent by attacking with Hydroid Krasis or simply by grabbing a Banefire out of the Sideboard with Mastermind's Acquisition and copying it with Primal Wellspring for lethal. Sanguine Sacrament may look hard to cast but just one Primal Wellspring and a Wilderness Reclamation allows you to cast Sanguine Sacrament at your end step copying it at least two times.

I feel like this deck does have potential. It needs a little more work, but it has a powerful shell. After my matches I was not sure that we needed Hydroid Krasis. That or we just don't need the Mastermind / Primal Amulet package. The deck might be pulled into too many different directions. I'm going to try it out more without Hydroid Krasis and just have faster ways to transform and synergize with Primal Amulet, probably something like Precognitive Perception.

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As always, thanks for reading,

Ali Aintrazi

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