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Ali Plays Historic Thing in the Ice


Shadows Over Innistrad has dropped on MTG Arena and today we are trying out Snapcaster Mage and Thing in the Ice! This was a deck donation I got from v0idpointer and it has honestly been really fun and impressive. Thanks to Oracle of the Alpha the deck is also playing the Power 9 and if you manage to get to Moxen and Hullbreaker Horror, you'll generate infinite mana by bouncing the moxen with horror after tapping them for mana. You can also flash back powerful spells like Time Walk and Ancestral Recall with Snapcaster Mage! While you do not need to cast Oracle of the Alpha to win the game, it really does help to cast him earlier rather than later so you can start getting your power 9 cards. Thing in the Ice is great at buying you time and then closing the game out once it transforms. This deck really can grind and I've beaten players who have resolved Atraxa thanks to Oracle of the Alpha and looping Time Walks and other powerful cards. Enjoy the games and the deck if you decide to play it!

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