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Altered Reality Challenge #2 - Voting


This round of the Altered Reality Challenge was focused on Pros and notable figures in Magic. Here are this month's entries for you all to vote on.


Matt's website

"In my opinion Brad Nelson was perfect for an alteration of diabolic tutor. Since he was at first an MTGO Player who was always on a computer, the mice makes a parrallel between searching/browsing on a computer vs searching your library . I also saw a video of him talking about a time in his life when he felt nothing was going out well. The only thing he could still rely on was MTG. He kept playing online event though he spent most his life doing so. The skull, representing a fatality of life, fits this situation very well and it synergizes with the mice."

Jason Schneider

"I know that the face of my pro is not entirely visible but I don't think identification should be a problem with some of the things in the alter. I was initially going to make a tribute to PT Berlin 2008 with Elvish Impersonators but once this idea got stuck in my head I couldn't shake it. We'll see what happens this time around. "

Thomas Parker

"I was searching the web for pro player images and I came across the image of Brad Nelson after winning the D.C. Grand Prix [see below]. I thought the photo was funny because if you look behind Brad there is an image of Chandra almost as if she photobombed his championship photo. So I thought it would be funny to have Brad photobomb a picture containing Chandra. So for this contest I extended an Island and imagined Chandra at the beach. She is getting her photo taken on vacation but Brad Nelson photobombs her picture getting revenge on Chandra ruining his D.C. Grand Prix picture.

MJ Scott

Inspired by a conversation I had with Amanda from Red Site Wins while we recorded the first episode of Serra's Angels. We were talking about her interview with Chapin and how I'm an awful fangirl of his despite his propensity to say ridiculous things on Twitter--it's the rapping, I was a hip-hop fan in the golden 90's when Tupac was king. I joked about wanting to put Chapin's then-current notorious scarlet mohawk hairdo on a card to be immortalized for all time, and Amanda said she'd run it in her Elves deck. So here's the card, and now we just have see if Edric, the Innovator of Trest can lead the elves to Legacy victories. Also--I must apologize to all who voted in my alter poll, Paulo actually won. So there's a Prized Unicorn waiting with his name on it. I just ran out of time to paint both pros. This contest was fun to work on and I hope the entries give people some laughs!"

Marina Velo

"Homage to Gabriel Nassif"

Cast your Vote!

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From Altered Reality Challenge 1

We had one late entrant who mis-attached their image for the first ARC, and only got the fixed image after voting had begun. But when I saw the final product I promised him I'd share it for others to see. Here is Matt's "Decay."

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