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Altered Reality Challenge #4 - Winners!


Please believe me when I tell you that this delay is entirely my fault. I was late getting the judges their pages for judging the entries, and then with travelling to Worlds, I neglected to get it up last night. So here we are, two days late and just a smidge wiser.

Popular Vote

1st - Sandreline

2nd - Eric Klug

Judged Result

Congratulations to Eric Klug for winning the card voted on by the judging panel. As with all previous ARCs, this utilized a three person judge panel to rate the art and provide comments on the cards. Thanks to Drew Sitte and Andre Garcia who joined me on this latest ARC judging panel.

Blackwing Studios

"Ron starts things off well - I like this alter a lot. I've seen a couple Song of Ice and Fire alters, but this is my favorite. The Black Sun overhead is very creepy, even better than the original. The sense of scale of the Wall is impressive as well."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

C Martin

"I really like this piece for being both fun and a little horrific while managing to stay on point. The cutouts are a little rough but serviceable. Where this loses point is the random patch of snow on the left side. It just hovers over the card frame and the art, and doesn't really seem to serve any purpose other than to distract the eye from what is otherwise a really cool scene. The little building popping out behind the trees is a nice touch, and you just know that skeleton didn't just go out to buy that hat. Someone lost a head somewhere. . . Also, that description is almost as fun as the rest of the piece, if ever slightly confusing."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

Daniel Torres

"The art here fits the theme Daniel was going for so well, that it would lose some of it's charm if it were any better. The chaotic, child-like quality of the drawings captures perfectly the feeling one gets when one receives ANOTHER pair of socks. Look at the parents - they're cowering in the background, anticipating the moment their son decides to go all 'Katie Kaboom' on them, which eventually does happen on the flip. I like this card. It's the kind of card I'd like to own, because everything about it works so well.

Alas, I hope for Timmy's sake that he never becomes a father...."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

Eric Klug

"Klug's Mucha-inspired alters are among my favorites, particularly his version of The Dance on Chandra, the Firebrand. He does a very nice job again here; his choice of Winter Li fits very well with Path to Exile, and as usual the execution is superb. It creates a much sadder image as well. Rather than simply being exiled from their homeland, your creature is sent out into the winter wilds to fend for themselves."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

Geoff Shreiber

"Geoff took the intent of the original artwork and turned it on its head to great effect. It's fun and whimsical, with a semi-sinister looking snowman in the background, seemingly laughing at the soon to be frozen lich."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

Marine Velo

"Marina's low performance in the public polls highlights the problem with alters which are truly art, they're so subtle that people don't get them. Marina's Naturalize is amazing and, in many ways, is true art. Imagine if this art were canvas size. It'd be framed and on someone's wall without problem."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

Miguel Hernandez

"I like the fairy tale style, even though I don't see the winter wonderland connection of Red and the Wolf. The parts of the card that you converted - the snow, the sky, and especially the robe - look good. You did a great job converting the robe color, with almost the exact same fold pattern even. The wolf looks out of place with the rest of it, but as you said you're new to altering and I imagine with time you'll get better at blending your own art elements in with the original art."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

Modfly Alters

"Will Ferrell looks pretty scary here. Don't really see the connection between his character and Bloodbraid Elf."
Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

Nicole Theiss

"This alter makes me think of countless coloring books I filled in years ago. The contrast between Rudolph's innocent face and Frosty's horrified one is great. The main detractor is the presence of grooves and dents in a few places that draw my attention away from the actual art. Also, I'm not sure if it was intentional, but it looks like Frosty has some sort of rash - he might want to get that checked."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal


"I love Sandreline's art here, I think it is gorgeously done and a great example of season shifting a card. I have no difficulty believing this art could have shown up on a printed Magic card."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

Thomas Parker

"When I saw this alter I immediately wanted it, it has some awesome perspective of size with the small eskimo looking up at the hulking Frost giant."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

Tyler Chester

"This is the first double-faced 3D alter I've seen. From what I've seen of his work, Tyler has a good eye for composition; I like the use of Snow-Covered Forests to keep the shared setting thing that double-faced cards have, and the progression from snow ball to completed snowman is fun. The White/Red borders are also a nice touch. The cuts are still rough in spots, but pretty good in others. My main issue is how little depth there is here; neither the characters nor the backgrounds are detailed much, and there seems to be very little space between the layers. It makes the whole scene seem flat."

Artist MeritQualityInnovationTotal

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