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Altered Reality Challenge #5 – Voting!


Welcome to the fifth iteration of the Altered Reality Challenge! In this challenge artists were given the prompt to commemorate St. Valentine's Day. Just like last time, the number of entries has increased: this has become our biggest ARC so far with 17 entries!

As a reminder, there are two winners in each ARC: the popular vote as well as the judge's vote. Until this Sunday at midnight (Eastern time), you can vote for your favorite, share the chance with others campaigning for your pick, and fight to see your choice go all the way.

If you want to be a particular abut your pick, you can also debate and decide on the same criteria out panel of judges will use:

  • Creativity – Is the idea unique or clever?
  • Execution – Is the alter well done?
  • Complexity – How complex is the alter?
  • Thematic – How on-theme is the alter?

Now, onto the entries!

Black Wing Studio / Ron Faris

E-Mail · Twitter · Facebook · Website


Description: When it comes to Valentine's Day, I'm definitely a romantic, and what's more romantic than a candlelight love-fest with the most dashing man to ever wear a velour uniform (with or without pants)? Zapp Brannigan (of Futurama fame) is absolutely hilarious and I couldn't resist putting him on a card. This makes me smile every time I look at it, and to me that's what altering is all about. I hope you all like it!

The card itself will be up for auction over on my Facebook page! If you love it as much as I do, please stop over and place a bid!



Rick Park / Killrot


Karn's Valentine

Description: Card is a 3D alter, I wanted to do something valentine but without being pink or frilly, the idea just made me chuckle when I thought of it but executing it was a whole different challenge.



Tyler Chester

E-Mail · Twitter · Website

Bob, the Lonely Ghost

Description: Every year around mid-winter in the plane of Innistrad the denizens celebrate the feeling of love. The werewolves howl in search of their partners, the vampires go out together and watch the moon rise, the zombies find someone that will help put them back together, and the humans decorate their towns and villages. But one creature on this plane will never find his partner. Bob has been the only spirit to never find himself a partner in Innistrad, but convinced he is not alone he'll wander till the end of time, with his horribly misspelled valentine.



Brandon Brown / Modfly Alters

E-Mail · Twitter · Facebook · Website

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Description: In 1929 a prohibition era conflict in Chicago between Al Capone's South Side Italian gang and Bugs Moran's North Side Irish gang resulted in the murder of 7 mob members. This event will forever be known as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.



Julie White

E-Mail · Twitter


Description: Don't know if you all remember the OK Cupid scandal involving Jon Finkel and Alyssa Bereznak, but here is my tribute to their short-lived romance on Day of Judgment done with acrylic paint and pen.



Jen Retterer


Inexorable Tide (of Loooove)

Description: Medium: Acrylic paint

Just incase you're unfamiliar with the humping robot from Robot Chicken...Click here.

This was great fun! Thanks!



Dean Wolf


Skull of St Valentine

Description: Arrested for aiding Christians & wedding Christian couples

Considered criminal under rule of Claudius Gothicus

Beheaded for trying to convert the Emperor

His skull rests in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin



Claudio Torres / serrot_29

E-Mail · Facebook · 3D Alters · Painted Alters


Description: I decided to try my hand at an ARC, but had no idea what I was going to do. I realized my wife loves flowers so I ran with it. The flowers are made of M:tG cardboard that I painted/colored, cut out and glued together. The flavor text of the card is what made me choose to use Pacifism as my base: "For the first time in his life, Grakk felt a little warm and fuzzy inside." Who wouldn't love a Grakk bouquet?



Robert Mitchell / Tyorl Nightwind


A true reversal of fortune

Description: This one is dedicated to all the magic players who's significant others do not play magic...



JY2010 / jenyang80272010

E-Mail · Album

We'll be back

Description: Last year I got a Battleskull and two Sword of War and Peace (together with a foil Karn) in my booster box. So I believe it's my fate to play Caw-Go. I bought 3 JtMS and 4 Stoneforge. They were added to ban list 6 days after and that's how I got the idea.(I don't have any Jitte actually)



Karyn Hetmanski




Thomas Parker / TP Alters


Description: Some of my favorite memories of Valentine’s Day come from my childhood. I remember spending hours filling out valentines for the other kids in my class. I recall the valentines were corny and had funny puns on them like “BEE” my Valentine and had a picture of a bee on in it. So for this alter challenge I decided to recreate a valentine similar to one I might have given the cutest girl in the class. I used a Portal Grizzly Bears, extended the bear's arms, changed the green border to pink, added a heart, and of course added YOU ARE “BEARY” SPECIAL!. I hope this alter brings back some pleasant memories of past Valentine’s Days.



Oliver Webster


Dragon Broodmother

Description: Inspired by illustrations from A Practical guide to Dragons by Sindri Suncatcher



Elizabeth Maxwell


Sometimes You Can Never Win

Description: The image depicts a tormented Jace Beleren begging forgiveness from the vengeful and egocentric Liliana Vess. The fire here represents the fury of Liliana, the disruption of a passionate relationship, and also subtly implicates Chandra in the mess.... A valentine's day to remember.

Valentine's Day Poem:

Roses are red, violets are blue

Jace messed up, don't you do it too.





Cupid's Arrow

Description: I am DeadheavenAlters and am based in Seattle, WA. I have always wanted to try my hand at altering magic cards and started doing so a couple of months ago. Finding this contest I couldn't resist but to draw cupid firing his heart felt arrows from above.



Miguel Hernandez

E-Mail · DeviantArt · Photobucket · eBay

Liliana caressed

Description: Jace takes a break from Spell slinging for valentines day. This was painted on a foil liliana vess vs. garukk liliana.



César Miguel Molina / BlackBull




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