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Bant on the Run


During Eldrazi Winter, we saw a number interesting variations on the Eldrazi shell to try to find small edges. wu Eldrazi had access to sweepers and a potential infinite combo. rg Eldrazi had early removal spells, Ancient Stirrings, and reach. ur Eldrazi combined some of the advantages of each build. After the banning of Eye of Ugin, we saw Bant Eldrazi put up great results for awhile, but in recent months it's been set aside in favor of Eldrazi Tron. That said, Drowner of Hope and Eldrazi Displacer are still very good Magic cards, and you may not want to dismiss Bant Eldrazi so quickly:

Eldrazi Displacer
The biggest appeal of Green is that you get to play both Ancient Stirrings and Noble Hierarch to help make your turn two- and three- Thought-Knot Seers more consistent, which is a huge appeal of the deck. You don't have the same overwhelming late game as Eldrazi Tron but you can more consistently do unfair things early on.

In addition to powerful Green spells, you also get both Drowner of Hope and Eldrazi Displacer. These are both very powerful cards that can absolutely dominate the mid game. Drowner of Hope allows you almost complete control over the combat step for a turn cycle or two, while Eldrazi Displacer can either force blockers out of the way, shut down equipment and removal spells or just flicker your Drowner of Hope so that you dictate how combat goes for the rest of the game.

In addition to all of these small edges in midrangey matchups, you get an incredible array of sideboard options ranging from the typical White haymakers to Stubborn Denial. If you're looking for an edge in your midrange matchups, maybe Drowner of Hope is the thing that you've been looking for.

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