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Daily Deck List: Goblins


When Goblin Piledriver was first reprinted, many people thought it would bring a new format dominated by the combination of Piledriver and Goblin Rabblemaster. Unfortunately, due to the prevalence of Jace, Vryn's Prodigy combined with cheap removal like Wild Slash and Murderous Cut, that potential was never realized. Owen Turtenwald thinks Oath of the Gatewatch might change things, and now may be the time for the Goblin resurgence. What card makes all the difference? Stoneforge Masterwork:

We’ve seen a lot of decks in Standard leaning on the combination of Dragon Fodder and Hordeling Outburst. From Jeskai Ascendancy and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar to Atarka's Command and Become Immense, there are many ways to take advantage of these cards’ ability to go wide. So what’s the advantage of utilizing these cards in a pure Goblin shell?

There are exactly two reasons: Goblin Piledriver and Stoneforge Masterwork. These cards allow your Goblins to punch above their weight class and either force your opponent’s removal or end games very, very quickly. The best part? You don’t have to invest multiple cards and risk getting blown out by removal spells like you might when you’re using the Become Immense/Temur Battle Rage combo. Instead, your Piledriver has just traded one-for-one, or you can re-equip Stoneforge Masterwork.

But Stoneforge Masterwork is more than just a cheap Pennon Blade in this deck. The power lies in how easy it is to sneak in huge hits past blockers. Between Subterranean Scout and Goblin Glory Chaser, you have access to a number of ways to get an evasive creature suited up with the Masterwork. In the case of Subterranean Scout, you have to be careful to target a creature with two or less power, potentially a Goblin Piledriver, and attach the equipment afterward.

Even if you can’t create an evasive creature, the token generation allows you to crash in with a Goblin suited up with Stoneforge Masterwork every turn and attrition your opponent out. Eventually they will run out of removal spells or blockers. If you reach the midgame and they still haven’t succumbed, or if they blow you out early with Radiant Flames, you can start using Goblin Dark-Dwellers to rebuy Hordeling Outbursts and rebuild your board presence to start the attack all over again.

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