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Morbid, More Problems


There's a lot to like about Black and Green in Pauper. You've got efficient removal in cards like Disfigure, Ghastly Demise, and Tragic Slip. You get edicts that can kill through protection effects and even sweepers in Nausea, Evincar's Justice, and Crypt Rats. On top of that, you have strong creatures backed up by Pulse of Murasa to keep the game going longer. Despite all the perks, players have struggled to find a combination of cards that can keep up with the diverse Pauper metagame. Maybe this build by Sakkra represents a turning point for the archetype:

Thorn of the Black Rose
This deck looks like a strong contender in the current Pauper metagame. Fume Spitter is a great place to start your curve, as it can snipe a Delver of Secrets, Tireless Tribe, or Spellstutter Sprite. Fume Spitter and Nest Invader give you the ability to set up morbid at will for cards like Wakedancer and Tragic Slip. Putrid Leech is a strong blocker against aggressive decks and also a way to pressure opposing control decks.

One of the biggest changes for this style of deck is the inclusion of Thorn of the Black Rose. This is a high-risk card that can either win or lose you the game. If it can come down on a stable board or while you can threaten removal spells, you can either take over the game with extra cards or force your opponent to make poor attacks in an attempt to steal Monarch status from you. However, it's also possible that you can be too far behind on board to effectively leverage this card - giving your opponent monarch status can mean that they will be able to overload all the removal you can assemble.

If you're looking for a way to play a midrange deck that has more ability to play a customizable suite of removal, this is your best bet. There are few decks that have access to both sweepers and fast removal, and most of them are Blue-based. However, Blue decks can struggle to line their answers up effectively and actually end the game before their opponent can deal the last couple points of damage. This deck combines great removal with the ability to flood the board early and grind out late games with Pulse of Murasa and Thorn of the Black Rose, and is highly customizeable so that you can prioritize your matchups against the decks you expect to face.

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