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Steppe by Steppe


Knight of the Reliquary is one of the most powerful cards in Modern. It's a huge threat that comes down early and threatens to find powerful utility lands like Sejiri Steppe, Ghost Quarter, and Bojuka Bog to punish opponents. Knight of the Reliquary was primarily used for powering cards like Lotus Cobra in Standard, but since the rotation, it hasn't seen much in the way of landfall tricks. Clemagel is looking to change that:

Knight of the Reliquary
This is a really interesting deck that does exactly what many of Modern's best decks do. You have a proactive beatdown gameplan with Steppe Lynx, Plated Geopede, and Knight of the Reliquary. Fetchlands make Steppe Lynx and Plated Geopede incredible threats, particularly when paired with Knight of the Reliquary's ability to find more fetchlands.

The interesting thing about this deck is that it has a combo backup plan. You can slowly work your way up to six or seven lands with Boom and Flagstones of Trokair and then Scapeshift your opponent out, particularly with some help from Prismatic Omen. However, one of the exciting things about this deck is that Scapeshift can just kill people with Landfall triggers instead of having to ramp all the way up to Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle.

Many of Modern's best decks have a typical aggressive or midrange gameplan backed up by some kind of combo finish. The fact that this deck has a fast beatdown plan, a combo to end the game, and a means of utilizing your combo piece to enhance your aggressive starts means that this deck is set up to steal games from players who aren't prepared. If people treat you like an aggro deck, they may leave their shields down and lose to Scapeshift. If they don't respect your beatdown plan, you'll manage to get one too many landfall triggers and steal the game from them.