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The Human Condition


With the introduction of Militia Bugler, Humans has shown itself to be perhaps the top tier deck in Modern. The combination of a fast clock, disruptive threats, instant speed tricks off of Aether Vial, and the introduction of a card advantage and selection engine makes it an incredible beatdown deck for high-powered formats. With so much to like, it shouldn't be surprising that players are starting to look at what Humans can do in Legacy:

Militia Bugler
All in all, the deck looks very similar to its Modern counterpart, with a few key differences. The biggest pickup in Legacy Humans is Mother of Runes, which is an incredible engine for protecting your clock and forcing through threats. Sanctum Prelate is another threat with a powerful, disruptive ability that you can play if your metagame calls for it.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Legacy Humans versus the Modern deck is that you get to choose between Militia Bugler, Imperial Recruiter, and Recruiter of the Guard. These cards all do different things depending on what you need. If you're looking to chain bigger bodies to apply pressure and stabilize the board, Militia Bugler is the card you want. If you've got particular cards you want to tutor up, such as singleton copies of Sanctum Prelate, Dark Confidant, or Notion Thief, then perhaps you'd want to consider one of three-drops that can tutor instead.

As more sets enter Modern, the format starts to resemble Legacy more and more. As a consequence, it shouldn't be surprising that a strategy that can dominate Modern could become a serious player in Legacy. This seems like a deck that has a strong combination of disruption, aggression, and resiliency, and could be a great pick for your next Legacy event.

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