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Knight Life


Legacy is a strange format. It's a format where you can do degenerate things with cards like Show and Tell, Dread Return, and Tendrils of Agony, but it's also completely fine for people to just cast cards like Knight of the Reliquary and True-Name Nemesis. If you're going to play a fair deck, you've got to do one of two things. You've either got to back it up with a ton of disruption, preferably attached to a creature, or you've got to be faster than the unfair decks. It's not often that we see a deck that tries to do both, but this deck by Rixile makes an honest attempt:

Knight of the Reliquary
This deck is a lot like Maverick. You're a Green-based deck that uses Green Sun's Zenith as both acceleration and a toolbox. Against unfair decks, your plan is to Wasteland them. A lot. Knight of the Reliquary helps you chain together your Wastelands, while Titania, Protector of Argoth helps keep your opponent buried while also presenting a real clock. Against fair decks, you go all the way up to Primeval Titan and Dragonlord Atarka, backed up with Punishing Fire and Grove of the Burnwillows.

The interesting thing about this deck is that you have Orcish Lumberjack and Natural Order as a means of accelerating into your haymakers. This is important in the unfair matchups because it gives you a means of keeping pace with the fast, degenerate decks. However, it's also important in the fair matchups because it gives you a means of going over the top of whatever they are doing.

If you're looking for a Maverick-esque deck that has a little more explosiveness and staying power, maybe this is what you've been looking for. Instead of topping out at cards like Knight of the Reliquary and Stoneforge Mystic, this deck has a little more of a top end and some combo potential in the Dark Depths plan. This combination of accelerating and haymakers seems like it might be a great combination for the current Legacy format.

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