Scythe: The Rise of Fenris Expansion
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Processioning Power

At this point, we know that Anointed Procession is one of the cards that defines the top end of the format. It turns out that there are enough token synergies that doubling your tokens is good enough to dominate the late game. The big problem with the wb builds with Hidden Stockpile is that the deck is highly dependent on assembling specific combinations of cards before it really starts to do much of anything. However, this wu build by Huetti combines powerful midrange threats with the late game power of Anointed Procession:

Anointed Procession
This deck is exciting, because it does a lot of things in a reasonable midrange shell. You have a curve of reasonably-sized creatures that can easily trade with opposing creatures or at least help you keep your head above water while you hit your land drops and start sculpting a gameplan. Sacred Cat and Servo Exhibition in particular are great against the likes of Ramunap Red and other decks with low-toughness creatures. Anointer Priest does a great job of teaming up with these cards early on in the game to get you a little more of a life buffer.

Things change once you enter the mid-to-late game. You can find and resolve an Anointed Procession and start using your embalm and eternalize creatures to take over the game. Champion of Wits is particularly powerful in conjunction with Anointed Procession, since looking at a full eight cards means you’re likely to find plenty of interaction and haymakers to follow up with. Even Servo Exhibition is great with just one Anointed Procession, since it helps you go wide enough to just kill your opponent with something like Shefet Dunes.

This seems like a fantastic deck to play if you’re expecting to see a bunch of Mono-Red and Energy decks. You have plenty of ways to stall out the board early on, backed by some amount of sweepers and countermagic to protect yourself from the worse threats in the matchup. You also have powerful late game engines with Search for Azcanta, Legion's Landing, and Anointed Procession to help go much bigger than opposing midrange decks. You can even do things like shifting Sunscourge Champion into the maindeck, or playing some amount of the God-Pharaoh's Gift engine, or even Treasure Maps to go along with your Anointed Processions. There’s lots of power and flexibility in this shell, and I can’t wait to see if it has what it takes to break out over the next couple of weeks.

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