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Sliver of Hope


Slivers backed up by counterspells was one of the original tempo decks. Since then, we’ve had several additional sets worth of Slivers, so typical builds look quite a bit different than they once did. That said, it’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen a Sliver deck put up results, so maybe it’s time to try something different. That’s exactly what DanielNunes has done with this build:

Muscle Sliver
This is a fairly straightforward deck, but the choices that went into it are interesting. The thing that jumps out most to me is that there are only three copies of Muscle Sliver. This is a concession to two things. First, this build wants to have a high density of one-mana creatures so you can apply pressure quickly and curve out more consistently. Secondly, you need to allocate enough of your deck to Blue slivers that you can regularly cast Force of Will for its alternate cost.

To that end, the deck is playing six copies of Winged Sliver and Galerider Sliver to provide evasion, as well as the full cohort of Crystalline Sliver and Hibernation Sliver for protection. On top of that you have 11 lord Slivers to make your team hit harder, backed up by Sidewinder Sliver and Striking Sliver to make them difficult to block.

What’s interesting about this deck is that you have a full fifteen painless five-color lands. Of those, Ancient Ziggurat is the only one that can’t cast Aether Vial on the first turn. Aether Vial combined with this style of mana base means you’ll have no trouble deploying your threats, even through a Wasteland or two.

This is a deck that isn’t messing around with cantrips or interaction. All you’re trying to do is deploy your creatures as quickly as possible to get your opponent dead. You can do some tricks with Aether Vial, like leaving up Vial activations to put in a Crystalline or Hibernation Sliver in response to removal spells or a Sinew Sliver mid-combat, but that’s about the extent of your trickiness. If you’re looking for a relatively straightforward take on Legacy, or just a new way to play with one of Magic’s most infamous tribes, consider giving this a try.

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