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Passing the Torch


Adam Styborski @the_stybs

Adam is the Content Manager for Gathering Magic. He's a casual player at heart and weekly columnist for MagicTheGathering.com. He also travels the country for Pro Tour and Grand Prix coverage, and he shares his Pauper Cube everywhere.

It was four years ago Trick Jarrett passed the Gathering Magic baton and I took it. Rereading those two articles (among others from that era) put an exclamation on how much has changed in such a short time:

  • I'm now a dad twice over. I sleep even less but hey, Legos.
  • I joined the official Wizards Grand Prix and Pro Tour coverage teams as both learner then leader.
  • Trick rose in rank at Wizards, now leading an international team that touches all corners of the globe and the worldwide community.
  • Gathering Magic – now properly stylized as two words – grew to a much wider team of contributors that Explore The Game of Magic: The Gathering.

Through the years Gathering Magic became my raison d'être to be excited about Magic content. The creativity, passion and excitement I was privileged to encourage led to unexpected friendships and camaraderie. Channeling raw potential and helping others grow into the producers and creators they wanted to be was thrilling.

Gathering Magic – the amazing people I worked with through Gathering Magic – became an extension of the people I call family. The same was true for the folks at CoolStuffInc.com who allowed me the chance to work full time in an industry we all love. Leveling up felt natural.

Moving on was an unexpected decision to encounter but one that wasn't taken lightly. While the team at TCGPlayer.com is excited to have me join them it's a bittersweet moment for me: I've been privileged to be part of something great for close to five years, and many of you have already let me know how sad (and excited) you are for the next chapter of things.

Change is scary, but I didn't leave in a hurry. CoolStuffInc.com and Gathering Magic both needed someone to fill my soon-to-be-empty shoes and there are few as qualified to step in as my replacement. While I'll dry my tears and keep moving forward on my own path I'm pleased to introduce one of Magic's mythic contributors, Evan Erwin, as the next captain of the ship.

Evan Erwin @misterorange

Evan has been knee-deep in Magic since the mid '90s. Creating Magic video content before it was cool, he made The Magic Show in 2006 and later followed up with the history series Forgotten Lore and talk show Magic Mics. A content creator, musician, dad and full-time enthusiasm enthusiast, you can find him @misterorange on Twitter.

Why thanks Adam, and hello everybody and welcome to my first official content here at GatheringMagic.com. I have the honor and privilege to follow in the footsteps of the great Adam Styborski by coordinating and maintaining the site.

For those who may not know me, hi there. I’m Evan Erwin. You can find me on Twitter @misterorange. I worked at StarCityGames.com for over five years and before that created The Magic Show on YouTube. I followed that up with two additional series, Forgotten Lore and Magic Mics. You can learn more about them via their respective links. A few weeks ago I was offered and graciously accepted the position of Marketing Manager at CoolStuffInc.com. One of my duties will be to run this site, which I am excited to do so.

While changes are coming, I don’t want to rock the boat too much right now. I’m still getting my bearings and learning the ins and outs of my new job at CoolStuffInc.com, and I think it’s important to really know what you’re working with and to not try and fix what isn’t broken.

The content you enjoy will continue to be delivered to you...with one small change, beginning immediately: Content will be published at 11AM ET each day, not at midnight. This falls in line with other major Magic content sites, including the Mothership itself, and ensures that there will always be staff available to fix any and all issues that may arise post-publishing.

For those who are writing for Gathering Magic or have written previously the same email addresses and contacts you have still work, and feel free to reach out to me at evan {at} gatheringmagic {dot} com for any and all questions.

Thanks everyone for the kind words so far, and I can’t wait to show you more. But in the meantime I gotta keep the wheels turning here, and--oh yeah, get myself to Florida...as my journey has only begun.

Until next time this is Evan Erwin. Running Gathering Magic...so you don’t have to.

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