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Pro Tour Draft Seminar


On the eve of the Pro Tour, members of Team East West Bowl, a new team of North American players, hosted an exclusive seminar on the new Oath of the Gatewatch Draft format. The seminar was facilitated by Alex Majlaton, who collected all of the data for every card ranking submitted by each team member and created aggregate rankings for all five colors, nonrare cards, rare cards, and colorless cards to share to the team. After going over the rankings, the players discuss each Draft archetype and color pair. The seminar lasted over two and a half hours. Three members of the team made Top 8, with Jiachen Chao winning the tournament.

List of all members of Team East West Bowl:

  • Alex Majlaton
  • Pascal Maynard
  • Ben Friedman
  • Jarvis Yu
  • Mark Jacobson
  • Tommy Ashton
  • Timothy Wu
  • Nicolas Beland
  • Benjamin Weitz
  • Andrew Brown
  • Ricky Chin
  • Scott Lipp
  • Vidianto Wijaya
  • Adam Boyd
  • Paul Yeem
  • JC Kystich
  • Benjamin Nikolich
  • Eric Severson

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