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Magic 2015 PTQ at Cool Stuff Games


We covered the Top 8 of Pro Tour Qualifier Magic 2015 on Saturday, May 31 at Cool Stuff Games in Maitland, FL.

In this first video, we filmed Melissa DeTora during her Theros Block draft in the Top 8.

Here is the deck Melissa built with the cards she drafted:

In the second video, we recorded the quarterfinals match between Melissa DeTora (left) and Matt Cothrine (right).

Unfortunately for Melissa, she did not make it past the quarterfinals. But we recorded another match of the semifinals between Adam Fox (left) and Eric Cunningham (right).

With Adam defeating Eric, we then had the finals with Matt Cothrine, from our quarterfinals video, who battled his way to face Adam for the Pro Tour ticket!

Congratulations to Matt Cothrine, winner of the Magic 2015 Pro Tour Qualifier! We'll see you in Portland this August!

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