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Breaking the Rules Before We Learn Them with Heliod, the Radiant Dawn



WotC saw fit to give me the Enchantment commander of my dreams! Unfortunately, those are the dreams where I go to class to take a final exam and realize I haven't gone to that class once all semester and then all of my teeth fall out while my ex makes out with my Dad. I don't understand the rules of Magic enough to attempt what I am going to attempt. In fact, I am going to do what I always do, and say "You should build this deck and make it your own" but that always had an implied caveat that I was likely going to build the deck myself the way I composed it on paper. The thing is, I am NOT going to build this deck because I don't know how to pilot it. I have NO IDEA if this deck will be easy or hard to play.

Listen, maybe it wasn't wild for you, but for me, it feels wild to admit that I have been playing since 1996 and don't really know how to handle a minor change to the rules. Is it minor? People have been bending the rules of Magic since there were rules, from the Wall of Roots Magma Mine deck that went off in a weird phase that only existed because they kept trying to change all of the rules before 6th edition, to the person who successfully argued he should be able to fetch Island Fish Jasconius with a Polluted Delta because the card says "Summon Island" right before it also says "fish" and everything in between. Is this deck going to be as unique a corner case as these? Heavens no, they literally just put Leyline of Anticipation in the Command Zone, but I never play with that card because it doesn't help me put extra lands into play. Or does it? I could be casting Cultivate on their end step! I won't! This is a guy who main phases Growth Spiral because I mostly play on webcam and like when the camera is on me. But I could cast Cultivate on their turn. I mean, not with this new card, but with Leyline. This deck should play Leyline, by the way... for a couple of reasons. Is your appetite sufficiently whetted?

Heliod, the Radiant Dawn // Heliod, the Warped Eclipse

Well, actually, it's the back side of the card, but you get the idea.

I don't know what will happen when I start throwing a bunch of Enchatments onto the board on not my main phase. Can you counter a spell with Nevermore? Can you Fog an attack with Ghostly Prison? I don't think so, but what do I know? I am not going to play this deck; it would be irresponsible of me to just show up somewhere with this deck. But you, though, you could have a lot of fun with this. Unless you don't know what playing Enchantments at Instant speed will do in most cases, then you'll have even more fun. Just make something up, chances are your opponents don't know either. Oh, "mY fRieNd Is A jUdGe" your nerd friend probably doesn't know either. You ever ask a judge friend a question at a casual game? They get mad, like they showed up to a final exam for a class they ditched all semester. You know that exact kind of stress well, stop inflicting it.

Instead, inflict a different kind of stress where Confiscate is a combat trick, Omnipotence is very castable off of a Prosperity and those copies of Dream Halls I told people to speculate on 3 weeks before Mind Over Matter tanked instead based on a card they only made one of might finally find a home. We're building Enchantress, baby.

It's not just ANY Enchantress deck, though, because we are going to benefit when our opponents draw cards. Luckily, we're in Blue and Blue has a ton of Enchantments like Dictate of Kruphix to make that happen. We're going to force some draws with Dictate, but we're not going to force any draws. You get it? Because we're going to win. We'll win the game. Because we'll make them draw enough cards that they'll lose and we won't. So, it won't be a draw. I can feel you not laughing at this. Fine, be a snob, I'm still going to give you the decklist anyway because I won't get paid if I don't, probably. Just know you hurt me just now.

Heliod Enchantress | Commander | Jason Alt

Card Display

This looks insane to play, actually. It's trivial to cast Enter the Infinite, it's basically trivial to draw enough cards to find it, and I want to live the dream of casting an Instant-Speed Laboratory Maniac on their end step after I Prosperity everyone into oblivion. The great thing about Prosperity is that there are multiple copies of it with the deck getting to run Skyscribing and Fascinate, which means you'll both boost and be likely to draw another copy which will be for insane mana.

I normally don't like cheesy combo decks like this, so I am running Lab Man over Oracle and Feldon's Cane over Elixir of Immortality (so you don't die to decking and you can cast it and crack it on their turn which is nuts) because those cards are at least fun to me. Don't like that kind of deck? Swap them out for cards like Dominate or Mass Manipulation, which would make the deck more fun and more 75%. I was inspired to cheese in this decklist, but I haven't entirely forgotten who I am or what this series is supposed to be about.

Some new cards bear discussion; new but better in this deck than in, say, the stock Azorius Enchantress deck which is either Tameshi or Hanna, depending on which decade you were born. Loran of the Third Path was a card a lot of people were nuts over in formats not limited to Commander for once. She hasn't maintained the initial $15 from hype but she is appearing in a lot of decks. Also, she is just disgusting in this one, especially with Enchanted Evening in our deck, which can make her a Desert Twister that draws cards. I also love how the deck synergizes so well with Teferi, Temporal Pilgrim that I included a Planeswalker, something I seldom do. He will be nigh unkillable if you draw your deck with him out! If you don't win on your "big turn" where you hopefully chain Prosperity effects, he will be left behind to annihilate whichever opponent looks at you cross-eyed. Kwain isn't THAT new but it tickled me how perfect he is in this deck. We're combining a group hug deck and a weird spikey combo deck into a kind of cosmic gumbo, which is the origin of the word combo. COsmic guMBO. It was right there, staring you in the face.

Auratog is very not new, and neither is my usage of Auratog as anti-Farewell tech. If you do not have a plan for getting Enchantments from into play into your Graveyard, you need to get one or you need to just cut Replenish. This is my first time playing Phantatog, but he has extra utility, loading your graveyard in case you need to have cards to Feldon's Cane after you draw your deck.

Ok, so that Auratog paragraph was mostly to distract you so you'd forget about the cosmic gumbo thing so you'd groan again when I brought it up. I lied a bit about the gumbo, which kind of isn't cool when you think about it. Just like hiding the ingredients of a real gumbo from the customer is bad if they have allergies, hiding the fact that this is a landfall deck from you might be bad if you're sick of me always doing that and leave the restaurant metaphor and give me a bad Yelp review. Too late, this has landfall capabilities, and I snuck it in there. In you're having a bad turn and your entire deck is in your hands, you'll need to get lands into play to cast more cheap spells. Not everything in the deck is an X spell and colored pip needs will add up, so use Amulet of Vigor and Patron of the Moon to put all of your lands into play the turn you're going off and use them right away. Urza's Saga finds Feldon's Cane and Amulet of Vigor, it's so cute and I so always do this, but it's so perfect in this deck.

Please only play this deck once, OK?

What do we think? Mad genius? One-trick deck-builder relying on an old crutch? Do you think I put so many cosmic gumbo jokes in there because if talking about them explained my card choices, it would be so hard for the editors to cut out they just wouldn't bother? Write me a comment somewhere on the internet, like on Twitter, and let me know what you think. I am very tempted to build this monstrosity, I need just the barest bit of encouragement. Until next time!

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