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We're nearing the end of the list of commanders from Strixhaven and Commander 2021 and I'd like to take a minute to congratulate the rest of the team of Commander writers on the site for working together to create content for everything Wizards throws at us. It's a little scary that it took a team of like 10 of us months to get through one set, but we put together a crack team here at Coolstuffinc. Am I ready for Modern Horizons 2? If I say no, the set is coming out anyway, so it doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that I'm going to help bid farewell to Strixhaven and C21 by doing something VERY stupid and janky, and I can't wait to make it happen.

I spend a lot of time looking for a good forever home for my Goblins and I have bounced around a ton, landing, most recently, on Extus. Extus loves to make a bunch of tokens and sac them and that's just perfect for a deck that runs Krenko. However, finding a great home that lets me grief people by repeatedly casting a spell that gives them a hard time and makes an angry demon for them to deal with can lose its luster after a bunch of games. I'm not taking Extus apart, but I'm not calling off my search for the best Goblin deck of all time.

It took me a few weeks to see the potential of this commander, but once I realized how good it could be for Goblins, I immediately got to brewing. For you see, it's not just any Goblins deck I want to build around this commander - it's a purely janky one that may or may not work, but will make a big splash either way. Before I show you the commander, I want to show you the Goblin package. It's basically this-

Goblin Sharpshooter
Basilisk Collar

Sure, this is mostly good against decks that have a lot of creatures to kill, but I heard when your opponents don't have any blockers, you can attack them with your Goblins and kill them. I don't remember where I heard that, but I believe it. Is it silly to build a whole deck around this combo? Well, yes, but is it really? Still yes, but I think it's also going to be fun and worth it and very 75%.

The commander I chose for this endeavor won't surprise you but I'm going to do the bit where I reveal it dramatically anyway - that's right, none other than Plargg, Dean of Chaos // Augusta, Dean of Order! It's a Goblin deck match made in heaven!

Plargg, Dean of Chaos // Augusta, Dean of Order

It might not be apparent right away why I chose this duo, but once you get a glimpse into my thought process, I'm pretty sure you'll be sold.

Augusta, Dean of Order gives your attacking creatures a power boost, allowing you to deal more damage with attacking creatures and incentivizing you to go wide to get as big a bonus as possible. She rewards you for generating a ton of Goblin tokens and playing Goblins with cool tap abilities. Plarrg, Dean of Chaos, additionally, is Red.

Plarrg brings more to the party than that, assuredly, but, like, does he need to? Allowing us to play Goblins and doing some early game rummaging seems cool to me. Augusta, meanwhile, inspired the deck when I realized there are a ton of good creatures with tap abilities and a lot of them in the Goblin package I keep using. Moggcatcher, Krenko, Mob Boss, and Goblin Welder will all benefit from being able to untap every time I attack (in a deck where cards like Goblin Assault force me to always attack) and having White in the deck for the first time allows me to access brand new cards I couldn't use before. As soon as I got the idea to run Stoneforge Mystic to go get Basilisk Collar, the deck was 90% formed in my mind and I couldn't wait to get it down on paper.

If we don't get Basilisk Collar, Sharpshooter with untap triggers is still a fine card. If we don't get Sharpshooter, Quietus Spike is still a fine card. We're not actually playing combo pieces that need the other cards - this deck's cards function so well outside the combo that I hesitate to call it a combo. It's at the bleeding edge of where synergy works so well it's indistinguishable from a combo. Are we tutoring for the pieces? Well, yeah, but Moggcatcher isn't a second copy of Goblin Sharpshooter and Stoneforge Mystic isn't a second copy of Gorgon Flail. They're true toolbox cards. We're doing it all here, the Goblin Welder/Mindslaver garbage, extra combat steps to get more Augusta triggers, a Sunforger package - this deck is going to be a hot, Gobliny mess when I get done with it. If you don't cackle like a cartoon villain whenever you drop an opening seven with this pile, you don't like Magic: The Gathering.

Here is the deck in all of its wild, Gobliny glory. We'll have a lot to postgame about when you're done looking through this monstrosity of a decklist, so let's hop to it.

This deck is the Goblin deck of my dreams. I can kill their creatures with a deathtouching Brash Taunter, I can Comeuppance their board off of Sunforger and I can loop Darksteel Citadel with Crucible of Worlds to keep bringing back Mindslaver. What could be better? The deck maybe could use more creatures with tap abilities, but honestly, I am inclined to run as many goblins as possible because Augusta still rewards you for just making Goblins and attacking with them. We can even double our tokens with Anointed Procession - something I've never done in a Goblin deck before. This deck is the total package, and it makes me want to buy copies of a bunch of Goblins I already have to jam them in a new shell.

What do you think? Is this too similar to the stock Plarrg list? The stock Krenko list? Do you wish the Sunforger package was bigger or had your pet card? Do you wish we'd found room for Helm of Possession (I do)? Leave it for me in the comments section. That's all for me - until next time!

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