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Don't Forget Me: Core Sets

While everyone is excited about the Magic 2019 release this weekend, I’m going to take a look at previous core sets to see what might have been forgotten. Most core sets are not the original printing for these cards (prior to Magic 2010, Core sets did not contain new cards) but there are still a few things that need to be reprinted again.

Rise of the Dark Realms

Let’s start with some of the new cards that have been introduced with Core sets. Rise of the Dark Realms looks like a throw away mythic because it doesn’t really excite anyone. This is a casual all star and fantastic in less competitive Commander groups. At $12 it’s probably a lot more expensive than you were expecting and is a good card to reprint that doesn’t ruin WOTC’s reprint equity. I’m expecting this is most likely to be included in a future Commander product or the Spellbook series (if they decided to make on for Liliana).

Steel Overseer

Steel Overseer technically has printings other than Magic 2011 but they weren’t booster sets. At this point I’m still surprised that it is still only $20 despite being part of a very popular Modern deck and seeing some play in Vintage Shops. This card doesn’t have any special keywords and I don’t think it is a card that could ruin a Standard format. This is the kind of card that could easily be in a future core set. When it gets reprinted, if it’s a rare, I’m expecting it to drop pretty quickly to $2-3.

Shadowborn Apostle

Until recently this guy wasn’t that expensive, but since it’s a common that was only printed in Magic 2014 there is not a lot of supply. After this Game Knights episode, Shadowborn Apostle has jumped from about $1 to $4 each. At this point it’s a pretty easy inclusion in a Masters set to help keep the average pack prices less swingy. Relentless Rats was a similarly priced card previous to its reprint in Masters 25. I think it’s relative obscurity kept people from playing Shadowborn Apostle so hopefully there is a reprint in the works. Honestly though, it might get worse considering this Commander deck looks really good when it’s playing Liliana's Contract from Magic 2019. After a reprint, I still expect these to be at least $1.

Leyline of the Void

Leyline of the Void was originally printed in Guildpact as part of the original leyline cycle. Unlike Leyline of Sanctity, this was not reprinted in Modern Masters 2015. As graveyard decks continue to get more popular and the prevalence of graveyard mirror matches in Modern, this card’s price continues to climb. It’s about $30 right now and if there is a significant decrease in the number of people hollow one or dredge then it can drop down to $20 again. Without that, this is a pretty crucial reprint that I would expect in a Masters set. Weird expensive sideboard hoser cards like Leyline of Sanctity, Rest in Peace, Stony Silence, and Blood Moon are usually pretty easy includes in previous Masters sets. I wouldn’t expect it to be in supplementary reprint sets or a future core set. If you need these I don’t think you will have a better opportunity to buy them cheaper for a while.

Goblin Lore

If you don’t play Modern you may be confused at how expensive this 10th edition uncommon is. Goblin Lore was only previously printed in Starter 1999 (in white border) and Portal Second Age. Those are not extensively printed sets. It’s a staple in the Hollow One Modern deck which has driven it up to $30. If it gets reprinted as an uncommon, I expect it to follow a similar price trajectory to Mishra's Bauble. This card is expensive because it’s rare and not because it’s especially popular or powerful. If you’re not in a rush to get them then you can wait and it will likely be $2-3 when reprinted. If you happen to have some sitting in your bulk, now is a great time to sell them.

I usually try to do a common, and uncommon, and a rare for each Don’t Forget Me, so you might be a little confused that my last cards are uncommons. Originally, these cards were printed at common in Antiquities. These cards are allstars in Modern and Pauper and don’t seem to be on the radar for a ban anytime soon. As a result, each of these lands are about $5 each which is pretty expensive for a common. However, unlike a lot of other cards I have on the “Don’t Forget Me” series, these are probably not actually that forgotten!

Very recently Wizards of the Coast has announced that they are releasing Urza land promos on Magic Online with new art! While this isn’t a guarantee that the cards will be reprinted soon, it is indicative that it is on their radar. Previously, the art for Scapeshift was available as a MTGO only promo so I wouldn’t be that surprised to see these in paper in the near future. If you really like this new art or aren’t in any rush, I’d wait to acquire any new Urza lands for a bit.

I hope you enjoyed the choices I picked this time. There were many more I considered but didn’t want this article to drag on forever so expect I will do this again in the future! Are there any reprints you’re looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below!

Magic Core Set 2019 is available for Preorder!