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The Most Broken Deck In Magic


Vintage is a crazy place.

Black Lotus
Ancestral Recall
Mana Crypt

Home to the most broken cards of all of Magic, the Vintage format is also home to perhaps the most broken games of Magic available. One of the only formats where turn one kills are an actual part of the metagame, it's also a format heavily influenced by a small number of exceedingly powerful cards. As such, it's not often that something comes along that completely upends things.

Agadeem's Awakening

Balustrade Spy

Even less so when they're based off of fringe Modern decks!

Time Stamps:

00:06:16 - Match 1

00:31:13 - Match 2

00:44:03 - Match 3

00:57:32 - Match 4

01:14:54 - Match 5

When a lot of your losses come because you didn't sideboard because you won Game 1 on turn one, that's not a bad place to be!

With a half dozen turn one kills, many with protection, it's not hard to see how absurd this deck is. And honestly? It makes a lot of sense. Oops All Spells decks in other formats have to stretch themselves really thin when it comes to playing non-land mana sources, but in Vintage you just get the all of the Moxen and other fast mana like Sol Ring. With many Vintage decks hovering around fifteen lands anyway, this makes the Moxen plus spell land mana base almost look normal!

Pact of Negation
Force of Will

Being able to play a combo deck that has a fairly consistent turn one or two goldfish kill and also gets to play four Force of Will as well as additional combo protection is just awesome. Usually, you need to pick between speed and interaction, while this deck gets to do both. With the Goblin Charbelcher plan completely sidestepping graveyard hate, we've got something really nice here.

I rarely play Vintage so I'm no expert on what the metagame looks like, but I know a good Magic deck when I see one; This deck feels astoundingly powerful.

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