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Busting the Standard Metagame with Simic Flash


Tired of Azorius Control?

Sick of Jeskai Fires?

Had enough of Temur Reclamation's long end steps?

Well then do I have a deck for you!

Frilled Mystic
Nightpack Ambusher
Mystical Dispute

Simic Flash preys perfectly on the current metagame of slow Blue decks, providing a fast clock and great early interaction. Furthermore, it makes use of the obscenely powerful Nightpack Ambusher in a way no other deck can. With Murderous Rider and Lava Coil at an all time low because of how important dealing with non-creatures is, Nightpack Ambusher gets to run wild.

Time Stamps

Match 1 - 00:07:30

Match 2 - 00:36:10

Match 3 - 00:52:32

Match 4 - 01:35:15

Match 5 - 01:49:26

Of course, one of the risks of playing a metagame deck is that you don't play against the top decks you expect, but the deck still performed admirably.

Runaway Steam-Kin
Aether Gust

One of the most surprising and attractive elements of the deck is how well it lines up against Mono-Red Aggro, typically a very bad matchup for flash style decks. We beat it twice, further cementing my thoughts on the matchup. Being able to beat Mono-Red as well as the various Blue decks in the format is a great place to be.

For a full rundown of the deck along with a matchup and sideboard guide for all the top decks from Worlds, check out my article from last Friday!

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