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A Low Curve Aggressive Deck That Can Also Go Huge In Standard?


At first glance, Kodama of the West Tree just isn't as big or flashy as some of its other cardinal direction counterparts.

Kodama of the West Tree

There's no hexproof or big power and toughness. What there is however, is potential to give your team not only trample, but the ability to pull almost every land out of your deck in a hurry while making a bunch of mana.


We haven't seen much synergy-based aggro in Standard in recent years, but that's exactly where The Mod Squad lands.

Swarm Shambler
Monk of the Open Hand
Luminarch Aspirant

With 13 one-drops and much of the deck costing one or two mana, this deck can get out of the gates very quickly. Cads like Homestead Courage and Guiding Voice can help make sure you size up well, while Snakeskin Veil and Swarm Shambler offer varying amounts of protection. However, the big payoff is once you start going, well, big!

Felidar Retreat
Lair of the Hydra
Emeria's Call

The biggest deckbuilding challenge with Kodama is finding a deck that can trigger it early and often, but also have a good use for all of the lands that it is capable of getting. Felidar Retreat is the peanut butter to Kodama's jelly, offering bonus for the lands coming into play while also making sure you can modify your whole army at once. There's also a lot of mana sinks built into the manabase with creature lands like Lair of the Hydra and Cave of the Frost Dragon, with Emeria's Call also being available too.

A cheap, aggressive deck that can also go huge? Sign me up!

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