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Wow Cascade Is Broken, Who Could Have Seen This Coming?


During The Lost Caverns of Ixalan preview stream, when the announcers started talking about the discover mechanic, they glossed over one really important thing - cascade was a pretty broken mechanic. I couldn't sum it up better than Saffron Olive, so here you go:

Discover is a bit different than cascade, but the fundamental part of the mechanic is the same.

Geological Appraiser
Bloodbraid Elf

What is supposed to be a fun, random mechanic that gives you some random spell out of your deck, often just ends up being a deck-building puzzle that results in you always getting the same thing every time. In Modern, it's Living End or Crashing Footfalls, and now in Pioneer/Explorer we've got a whole bunch of options.

Time Stamps:

04:56 - Match 1

14:17 - Match 2

27:28 - Match 3

Now it's important to note that this video was recorded late last week, and various versions of cascade have been running amok in the MTGO Pioneer challenges all weekend, so we are certainly only at the beginning of the road on this one. This is pretty much my first draft, but the power is evident.

Mirror Image
Glasspool Mimic // Glasspool Shore

While there are a bunch of different ways to get paid off, this particular version is just playing eight clone effects alongside Geological Appraiser, giving you an army of 9 Geological Appraisers when you cast one. With so many cards like Leyline Binding or Twinshot Sniper, playing cheap interaction that "costs" four or more is trivial, meaning just like Modern Temur Rhinos you'll have no problem interacting on the early turns.

Is this the next broken thing in Pioneer? Will we see bans? We will see!

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