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How Do You Build Around Sanji from Paramount War?


Welcome fellow sea farer! Your bellies must be empty, so fill yourself with the Straw Hats' finest cuisine from our Chef, Sanji.

Let's get to cooking. Sanji is a Green/Blue leader from Set 2, Paramount War. Similar to the majority of dual-colored leaders, he has 5000 base power and 4 life. Sanji's ability reads "Once per turn, whenever you play a character with no base effect, if you have three or less characters on the field, you may unrest two DON!!" This ability is very limiting, yet it is easy to understand, making Sanji a very user-friendly leader to pilot for those who may be new to the game. Sanji also promotes the use of vanilla characters which allows a player to obtain an idea of what majority of character stat lines commonly are. Whether it be a 3-cost character with 5000 power, or even a 4-cost character with 6000 power. These are some common stat lines seen within characters with no effects. It is important to keep in mind that Sanji does limit this by stating the player must have at least 3 or less characters on the field in order to trigger his ability. However, even within these limits, this does not mean we have to solely rely on vanilla characters.

Fortunately for us, our chef has been equiped with a whole new arsenal from Starter Deck 12 Zoro & Sanji. For today's break down, we will look at Dracule Mihawk, Perona, Humandrill, and Starter Deck 3's Gecko Moria.

I know I continue to hype up this card, Dracule Mihawk, but he is just SO GOOD. Nothing but value! Dracule Mihawk is a 4000-power 3-drop character that reads On Play if you control 2 or less characters you may put a 4 cost Slash Attribute or Muggy Kingdom character into play and has a +2000 Counter. Mihawk allows for some early game shenanigans allowing us on turn two to play cards such as Perona or Humandrill onto the field which will also trigger Sanji's leader ability which in turns two of our DON!! from rested to active.


Next, is Perona and Humandrill. These are mainly good examples of cards with +1000 counters on them as vanilla characters that can also come into play either just by hard casting them to enable some DON!! activation or for some more board pressure in combat. Either way, these are simply two vanilla stat lines.

Let's not keep reflecting on our shadows though, straight ahead we have Gecko Moria. Gecko Moria is a 4-cost 5000 power character with +1000 Counter from one of the first four starter decks printed and reads "On Play you may return up to one {Seven Warlords of the Sea} or {Thriller Bark} type character other than {Gecko Moria} from your trash to your hand." Now this makes for some great interactions. Lets say you've utilized Perona from your hand as a +1000 counter, right? Suddenly, you are still in need of a vanilla to unrest two DON!!. What you could do, during your turn, is play Moria and get Perona back which is a 6000 power body and you can play her this time around instead of using her as +1000 counter and get Sanji's ability activated. However, these are just a little of the synergy potential that lies within Sanji's realm of capabilities. Using the Seven Warlord archetype to my advantage, I've concocted a fun synergistic deck.

Blue-Green Sanji | One Piece TCG | Joshua Aden

This deck list plays a lot on the Seven Warlord Archetype with the intention of upgrading the deck with the huge card pool of Seven Warlord support coming out of Set 7, 500 Years into the Future. The set comes out at the end of June, but I am just going to throw in a small example of Seven Warlord support cards to come out of Set 7.

Jinbe. He will be mentioned in the future, but for the sake of this meal we have all gathered toward lets go over break down this threat of a Fish-man.

Jinbei is a 4 cost 5000 power character with "On play: Play up to 1 {Seven Warlord of the Sea} type character with a cost of 4 or less other than Jinbe from your hand." This card is a phenomenal upgrade for this deck! Unlike Dracule MiHawk from ST12, the ability isn't restrictive at all toward the amount of characters on your field, and it's a 5000 power body within himself. The only restriction is the archetype and the DON!! cost. This is fine with all the support and already existing warlords that are 4 cost or less. Plus, Jinbe has a +1000 counter on him. Nothing but value for this warlord.

But this will wrap up today's meal! Hope this fills your belly, fellow seafarers. Until we meet again!

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