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A Comprehensive List of Pauper Playable: Blue and White


Pauper, the format of only commons, has had quite the storied history over the years. Now over a decade old, we've seen many things change in the format. Decks have come and go, some cards get banned, or else new ones overshadow the old ones. Now more than ever, players love to check out one of Magic's newest formats and all that it has to offer - especially as a great budgetary way to enter the game.

One thing I frequently see players ask for is quite simply a list of staples that might be playable in the format. Things that they can expect to see, use to tune up their decks, or else keep an eye out for with bulk boxes. We haven't had very much, though, as far as resources go in this department. Players can look up set reviews for the format with recent-ish sets or the list of cards that entered the format with the format unification and officialization last year. The only real "staples" list, however, is on MTGGoldfish, and this is usually more of a dynamically shifting list of cards that reflects the decks showing up in the current metagame.

In an effort to give players a better resource that they can use to enhance their deck-building in the Pauper format, I've compiled a list of format playables. These aren't just staples that you might see in top decks, but also cards that may have fallen out of favor or else only show up in lower tier decks. In a few cases - such as cards from the new Theros Beyond Death - I'm adding them in because I think they may have potential that hasn't been fully reached yet.

In order to compile this list, I've scoured through the entire Pauper library on Magic Online, pouring over thousands of commons to find the cream of the crop for you to explore. It's important to remember, however, that in going through so many cards, I've likely missed a small handful of playables. If I missed anything, feel free to make a note of it in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Over the next few weeks I'll be presenting you full image galleries so you can check out every card the format has to offer in all their glorious splendor. This week we're going to be looking over the White and Blue cards. Next week will be Black and Red cards, then Green and Multicolored cards, and finally Artifacts and Lands, with a small section for cards not yet released on Magic Online. For a more detailed look at a lot of the non-online cards, you can check out my Pauper Unification Review which features a full list of the cards added from unification.

With that all having been said, allow me to present to you the full list of Pauper playables in White and in Blue:


Akroan Skyguard
Angelic Renewal
Anointer Priest

Apostle's Blessing
Aura Fracture

Auriok Sunchaser
Aven Riftwatcher
Battle Screech

Benevolent Bodyguard
Breath of Life
Cartouche of Solidarity

Celestial Flare
Cenn's Enlistment
Cho-Manno's Blessing

Circle of Protection: Black
Circle of Protection: Blue
Circle of Protection: Green
Circle of Protection: Red
Circle of Protection: White
Coalition Honor Guard

Court Homunculus
Crimson Acolyte
Custodi Squire
Daru Spiritualist
Dawn Charm
Daybreak Chimera

Defiant Strike
Deftblade Elite
Doomed Traveler
Dust to Dust
Elite Vanguard

Emerge Unscathed
Ethereal Armor
Faith's Fetters
False Defeat
Gather the Townsfolk

Glint Hawk
God-Pharaoh's Faithful
Gods Willing
Guardian of the Guildpact
Guardians' Pledge

Heliod's Pilgrim
Hive Stirrings
Holy Light
Hyena Umbra
Icatian Javelineers
Journey to Nowhere

Kami of False Hope
Kor Sanctifiers
Kor Skyfisher
Lagonna-Band Trailblazer
Leave No Trace
Leonin Skyhunter

Lone Missionary
Loyal Cathar
Loyal Pegasus
Lumithread Field
Mana Tithe
Midnight Guard

Momentary Blink
Nomads en-Kor
Oblivion Ring
Obsidian Acolyte
Omen of the Sun
Palace Sentinels

Patrician's Scorn
Plated Sliver
Prismatic Strands
Protective Sphere
Raise the Alarm
Rally the Peasants

Ramosian Rally
Ray of Revelation
Rhystic Circle
Sacred Cat
Savannah Lions
Seeker of the Way

Sentinel Sliver
Sentinel's Eyes
Sidewinder Sliver
Sinew Sliver
Soul Warden
Soul's Attendant
Squadron Hawk
Standard Bearer
Stonehorn Dignitary

Sungrace Pegasus
Sunscape Familiar
Suture Priest
Talon Sliver
Task Force

Tethmos High Priest
Thraben Inspector
Tireless Tribe
Triplicate Spirits
Wall of Glare
Wall of Hope


Accumulated Knowledge
Arcane Denial
Artful Dodge
Augur of Bolas
Aura Flux
Blighted Agent

Blink of an Eye
Blue Elemental Blast
Cartouche of Knowledge
Circular Logic
Compulsive Research
Coral Net

Court Hussar
Curse of the Bloody Tome
Dampen Thought
Deep Analysis
Delver of Secrets
Devious Cover-Up

Distant Melody
Distortion Strike
Dive Down
Dream Stalker
Drift of Phantasms
Echoing Truth
Eldrazi Skyspawner

Elusive Spellfist
Energy Tap
Essence Scatter
Etherium Sculptor
Fade Away
Faerie Duelist
Faerie Miscreant
Faerie Seer

False Summoning
Floating-Dream Zubera
Forbidden Alchemy
Force Spike
Freed from the Real
Gearseeker Serpent
Ghostly Flicker

Ideas Unbound
Jace's Erasure
Jhessian Thief
Keep Watch
Logic Knot

Mana Leak
Mantle of Tides
Memory Lapse
Mental Note
Merchant Scroll
Metallic Rebuke
Mnemonic Wall
Muddle the Mixture

Mystic Remora
Mystical Teachings
Naiad of Hidden Coves
Ninja of the Deep Hours
Omen of the Sea
Oona's Grace

Perilous Research
Pieces of the Puzzle
Piracy Charm
Prodigal Sorcerer
Prosperous Pirates

Reality Acid
Remove Soul
Retraction Helix

Rush of Knowledge
Sage's Row Denizen
Sea Gate Oracle
Shadow Rift
Sigil of Sleep
Slip Through Space
Slither Blade
Spell Pierce

Spellstutter Sprite
Spellweaver Eternal
Stormbound Geist
Strategic Planning
Striped Riverwinder
Sunken City
Theft of Dreams
Think Twice
Thornwind Faeries

Thought Scour
Tragic Lesson
Trinket Mage
Unstable Mutation

Vapor Snag
Vision Skeins
Whirlpool Rider

Witching Well
Words of Wisdom

Kendra Smith

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