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A Comprehensive Guide to Pauper Playable: Colorless and Lands


Welcome back once again to week four of the Comprehensive List of Pauper Playables! This week we're going to be diving into the Colorless cards that don't feature mana symbols in their casting cost, lands, and a small handful of cards not yet available on Magic Online. You can check out the previous three articles here:

I've scoured through the vast card pool that the format has to offer so players old and new alike can have an easy-to-use reference for their Pauper needs. This could be to get a better feel of what to expect when playing your first games of the format or else looking for some spicy new tech. This piece should cover everything, however there will be one more piece landing next Wednesday: a text version of this list for those who prefer it as well as full links to each of the visual guides

As a reminder, these lists pull cards generally based on at least one of the following criteria:

  • Has shown up in a proven, tier deck.
  • Is a popular favorite among lower tier decks.
  • May have fallen out of favor recently but still good at one point and may be good here or there.
  • Is a newer card from the last few releases that may have not had its time to shine.
  • Is a card that is close to breaking out, but hasn't found a home yet (Ashnod's Altar, for example).

It's important to note as well that while these lists are meant to cover everything as best as possible, it's highly likely that I've missed a few cards along the way. For example, during my initial collection of these lists I almost missed Desert, Ichorclaw Myr, Ichor Wellspring, and the Zuberas. If you don't see something that you feel should be in here, leave a comment at the bottom of the page. I'll make sure to add them to a small section in a revisitation piece I'll write later in the year to cover cards released in 2020.

Now then, let's check out some fantastic Pauper playables!


Alchemist's Vial
Ashnod's Altar

Chromatic Sphere
Chromatic Star
Crashing Drawbridge

Dimir Signet
Expedition Map
Flayer Husk

Golden Egg

Ichor Wellspring
Ichorclaw Myr
Izzet Signet

Lifespark Spellbomb
Lotus Petal
Luxa River Shrine

Metallic Sliver
Mind Stone
Myr Enforcer

Navigator's Compass
Nihil Spellbomb
Peace Strider

Pierce Strider
Prismatic Lens
Pristine Talisman

Prophetic Prism
Relic of Progenitus

Serrated Arrows
Simic Signet
Spire Golem

Springleaf Drum
Sylvok Lifestaff
Tormod's Crypt

Ulamog's Crusher
Viridian Longbow
Vulshok Morningstar


Ancient Den
Ancient Spring
Ash Barrens

Azorius Chancery
Barren Moor
Bloodfell Caves

Blossoming Sands
Bojuka Bog
Boros Garrison

Cave of Temptation
Crumbling Vestige
Darksteel Citadel

Dimir Aqueduct
Dismal Backwater
Evolving Wilds

Forgotten Cave
Geothermal Crevice
Golgari Rot Farm

Irrigation Ditch
Izzet Boilerworks
Izzet Guildgate

Great Furnace
Haunted Fengraf
Idyllic Grange

Jungle Hollow
Kabira Crossroads
Khalni Garden

Lonely Sandbar
Mortuary Mire
Mystic Sanctuary

Orzhov Basilica
Peat Bog

Radiant Fountain
Rakdos Carnarium
Remote Isle

Sandstone Needle
Saprazzan Skerry
Scoured Barrens

Seat of the Synod
Secluded Steppe
Snow-Covered Forest

Snow-Covered Island
Snow-Covered Mountain
Snow-Covered Plains

Snow-Covered Swamp
Sulfur Vent
Swiftwater Cliffs

Terramorphic Expanse
Thornwood Falls
Tranquil Cove

Tranquil Thicket
Tree of Tales
Vault of Whispers

Wind-Scarred Crag
Witch's Cottage

Cards Not Yet on Magic Online

Before diving into the actual card list for these, I want to make a small note of the fact that this is purely speculative. Most of the cards made legal in Pauper that weren't already online frankly aren't that good and wouldn't see much play. Even the ones in this list are somewhat dubious, but they have some degree of potential even if that's a minor role player or a neat way to try brewing some creative decks. Given how difficult some older cards can be to read and comprehend, even with Oracle text, I will likely have missed more cards in this slot than most of the others in this list. Please hit me with any cards I might have missed and please don't forget to send them to MagicOnlineFeedback@wizards.com so we can try to get more sweet cards into the game!

Arenson's Aura
Awesome Presence
Canal Courier

Creature Bond
Crown-Hunter Hireling

False Peace
Festival of Trokin

Glyph of Destruction
Grenzo's Cutthroat

Preemptive Strike
Priest of Yawgmoth

Prismatic Ward
Remove Enchantments
Riding Red Hare

Soldevi Adnate
Soul Barrier

Stench of Decay
Taste of Paradise

Vodalian Mage

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