Detective: L.A. Crimes Expansion
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Magic Mics: Out of the Loop


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Airdate - 2/13/2019

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Gather the Townsfolk

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  • Bad look to have proxies on camera
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Splash Damage

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Twitch bans Deadmau5 for homophobic slurs:

The Finisher

It’s been a long year already and it’s only February, but don’t let all of the drama from the past week distract you from the fact that Jace is on Sparker, the Multiverse’s premier dating app! According to this viral advertisement from ChannelFireball, Jace the Heart Sculptor is Valentine’s ready! He’s Singleton and Ready to Mingleton! And he’s… also super cringey. This ad elicited many reactions from social media, and probably just as many left-swipes from fellow Sparker users. So my charismatic cohosts, how would you rewrite Jace’s bio to be less yikes and get more likes?