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Magic Mics: MF'n GPs


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Airdate - 10/10/18

First Pick

MagicFest - The Festivus for the Restivus:

New prizes:


49 vs 61 of last year, 20% decrease

No Mexico / No Chile

Short version on payouts for the first quarter: GP Sydney pays 35k$, GP Prague and GP Kyoto pay 65k$ and the remaining GPs in the first quarter pay 50k$.

Willy sums up:

“Like a puzzle coming together”

Gather the Townsfolk

Mythic Edition followup from Hasbro:

Mythic Edition for Wedge re: St Jude fundraising


WotC comes through:

SCG Tour 2019:

1st 6mo

Price raised to $60/Open

Custom artwork playmat, no more official artwork

Players Championship returns

Bruce Richard gets his prerelease:

Brazil - no GRN for you, no prerelease either:

Super fancy backpack from Ultimate Guard:

...But is it just a rebranded “Bobby”?

Desperate Ravings

CFB interviews Javier:

New Judge Promos: Lord of Atlantis and Teferi’s Protection:

What to expect from the MTG Story:’s own Jay Annelli helping w continuity!

Pinchy McStingbutt on MTG Arena!

Magic Bracket Top 4:

New European GRN Merch:

Red Zone

Splash Damage

3 days until The Broken Pact

WTF sponsorship on “DOPE or NOPE” channel…

Hearthstone team streamed their own tournament into a DQ…

The Finisher

Jason Chan, better known on the Twitches and Twitters as “Amaz,” earned his first career Magic: The Gathering Top 8 at Grand Prix Mexico City last week. The ludicrously popular Hearthstone streamer showed why he’s one of the world’s finest minds in competitive card games, and that his Pro Tour and Silver Showcase invites were no fluke. So with Amaz joining the ranks of Stan Cifka, Brian Kibler of Brian Kibler Gaming, and Kenny from South Park with a big Magic finish, who’s the next livestreaming celebrity you expect to make it to the knockout rounds?