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A Commander Adventure with Gorion, Wise Mentor


Hail, Traveler! What brings you to Edgewall on this cold night? I am the Innkeeper, and I'm delighted to make your acquaintance! It appears you come seeking wisdom.

Come, sit by the fire. I can tell by your Explorer's Scope and your Component Pouch you must be an Adventurer! And don't think I missed your Rogue's Gloves, there. I'll be keeping a close eye on my purse, thank you.

I've certainly never seen you before. What brings you to our fair part of this glorious kingdom? Perhaps you seek the Gift of the Fae? Searching for the powerful Sol Ring? Looking to gain the Shield's Might, or perhaps even achieve Tyr's Blessing? Maybe you want to take my famous Wizard Class (important for any spellcaster, I must say!) taught by my good friend, Vega, the Watcher. Though when she's not available, she'll often send another Archmage Emeritus in her stead.

...Yes, I know... Okay, okay, keep your voice down, please! Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar also teaches a class here, down in the storeroom. He'll be here tomorrow night, but I don't just let anyone down there, and you attend at your own risk!

Just wandering about these woods you're likely to Rescue the Foal which got away from our Shepherd of the Flock. You're also sure to encounter a Rider in Need, whom I'm certain you could help with a little Pixie Dust or even a Seasonal Ritual. If you're willing, you could Chop Down this huge stalk in my garden; it might help to Cast Off some of the pests we get. Look long enough, you might locate the Lantern of Revealing, a Lucky Clover, or even (with a careful ear) find the long-sought Beast Whisperer, a reclusive Elf more content with the animals of the forest than her own kind.

Of course, if it's... shall we say... easier earnings you're after, you'll find plenty of opportunities for some Petty Theft or even to Rob the Horde. In fact, our local clothmaker stole my mother's Spinning Wheel; if you'd be willing to get it back for me, I'd be happy to gift you this Twinning Staff.

But no! You seek Adventure in the form of capturing great beasts! I recommend you spend some time doing some Zoological Study with the Monster Manual, and I suspect Ysgard's Call with the Horn of Valhalla will bring all manner of creatures to your side. Hope you begin with a Young Blue Dragon or even a Lovestruck Beast, because the Emerald Dragon and the Realm-Cloaked Giant are out there, and they are not easily cowed! You may find the Tuinvale Treefolk amenable to a partnership, but if you see the Tlincalli Hunter, run.

Keep your eyes wide for a Mysterious Pathlighter, who may well guide you to what you seek. Perhaps you search for the Temple of Enlightenment? A Seaside Citadel? Or Spara's Headquarters? You hunt for the Arcane Signet or the Crystal Shard? The Sailors' Bane? Or even the Fae of Wishes? Beware the Fae Offering, for you may find yourself with a Paradoxical Outcome.

What! What is that? It's the Queen of Ice! No wonder it's so cold. Quickly, you must leave! She doesn't take kindly to strangers. Go out the back, through the Rogue's Passage! Go! Your adventure awaits!

Thanks for reading.

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