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MTG Fast Finance Episode 287


Left: James Chillcott (@mtgcritic) Right: Travis Allen (@wizardbumpin)

Segment 1: Metagame Week in Review

The guys take a look at the latest Modern Challenge data from last weekend.

Segment 2: Top Paper & MTGO Movers

Your hosts recount the price motion on paper cards again this week including Blood Crypt, Arlinn Kord, Ulrich of the Krallenhorde, Lathliss, Dragon Queen, Flagstones of Trokair, and Thought Scour.

Segment 3: Cards to Watch

James and Travis serve up an assortment of other Magic cards that may be gaining momentum for price advances within the year.

Host: James Chillcott

Card: Prismatic Vista, Old Border Foil, MH2

Buy Price: $35

Sell Target: $60

Timeline: 12 months

Logic: 61k EDHREC, 10% of all decks since 1st printing, moderate supply.

Host: James Chillcott

Card: Archaeomancer's Map EA

Buy Price: $15

Sell Target: $30

Timeline: 12-16 months

Logic: 9k EDHREC, 14% of all white decks since 1st printing, 80 NM TCG listings.

Host: James Chillcott

Card: Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (Foil)

Buy Price: $20

Sell Target: $40

Timeline: 0-6 months

Logic: 70k EDHREC, 11% of all black decks + Modern/cube play, 9 NM on TCG, step ramp from $30+. UMA foils from $40+

Host: Travis Allen

Card: Old Gnawbone, AFR

Buy Price: $25

Sell Target: $45

Timeline: 12+ months

Logic: 1.8k, most of any AFR card so far. Take a look at Goldspan trajectory

Host: Travis Allen

Card: Terror of the Peaks, M21

Buy Price: $25

Sell Target: $45

Timeline: 12+ months

Logic: 13k/8%, most decks of any mythic. 40 vendors, no wall below $40, highest selling M21 card on TCG

Pro Trader Pick: OzBurque

Card: Archon of Cruelty, MH2

Buy Price: $10

Sell Target: $25

Timeline: 0-6 months

Logic: 1k EDHREC, reanimator in Modern, draining fast on TCGPlayer, 11 listings left on TCG

Segment 4: Topic of the Week

James and Travis discuss the latest Secret Lair release and make some recommendations on best buys.

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