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New Art Contracts Revealed


Today Jim Pavelec, Magic artist and PACT (Professional Artist Client Toolkit) leader, announced new freelance rates, proof support, and eased some contractual requirements for freelance Magic artists. The statement in full:

Last week, Magic: The Gathering Art Director Jeremy Jarvis confirmed that the game would be raising its pay rates for card art across the board, and would be amending its contract to dramatically loosen restrictions on using art created for Wizards of the Coast in personal art books! Magic will also be sending their artists additional, premium artist proofs of the cards that their art appears on, which they can sell online and at conventions.

Magic is the most successful tabletop game in the world which affords them a huge pool of the world's top talent to pull from. This increase is not something that they HAD to do. We find it refreshingly forward looking that Wizards has chosen to further invest in the freelance illustration community. PACT would sincerely like to thank Jeremy, Magic leadership and Wizards of the Coast for their hard work in getting these new terms instated.

This is a tremendous example of how artists, as a community, communicating openly and cordially with the companies they work for can improve their short term and long term financial situation. This is a great sign of things to come for the artists in this industry.

While the nuts and bolts of building games often aren't as interesting and the game itself, the changes negotiated by PACT are huge for artists and collectors alike:

  • Premium foil versions of artists poofs, doubling the collectible requirements and expanding the selection of goods for sale by artists at Grand Prix and conventions
  • Art books by Magic artists may now contain significantly more art from the game, allowing Magic art to dominate a release

Are you excited for the prospect of foil artist proofs and Magic-heavy art books? What will you plan to pick up?

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