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Rudy Plays Blue Moon


Time Stamps:

Round 1 -- 00:02:44

Round 2 -- 00:22:04

Round 3 -- 00:44:38

Round 4 -- 01:06:23

Round 5 -- 01:30:47

Over the League, I was able to try out a decklist that isn't really quite there just yet. I believed I misbuilt the deck and yet, Jace was able to win a lot of games. While Blood Moon is a great Magic card, a lot of my opponents were able to play around it effectively. It still seems to be a great Game 1 card; but, on occasion, your own mana can cause trouble. You need a lot of Islands in play to cast your spells but also need Red sources to be able to effectively cast your removal. My mana sequencing was questionable during this league and that's something I'll certainly have to work on in the future. You see a lot of cards in your deck, so it's fine to play it safe in the early turns and fetch an island. Without something to gain life in your deck, life is a precious resource.

I still feel fairly confident in saying Jace is one of the best things to be doing. In the League, we played against two decks that played it themselves and three decks trying to beat it. Jace was key in Game 1 against Burn and we were able to lock them out. The same deal applied to Jund. Against Jund, when it comes down to top decks, Jace is usually going to blow it out of the water. I was able to see so many cards every game and, mostly because of Jace, I was able to clear out large portions of my deck and close out games.

While a misstep cost me match five, I do think that Thrun, the Last Troll is going to be important in coming weeks to fight through Jace decks. That being said, it leads me to believe Jeskai is the best deck choice for control mages. Being able to play multiple powerful spells early to beat creatures and have cards like Wrath of God and the like will be needed to beat some cards piling out of the woodwork to beat Jace. Lucky for us, we have a four-mana card that sifts through out deck with ease.

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