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This Week in Magic 9/17-9/23



Standard and Block

  • Innistandard (SCG$) — Gerry Thompson examines the archetypes that should take hold post-rotation.
  • Standardizing Innistrad—Adam Koska has a  Re-animation deck, a Zombie tribal list, and a brew that should really be called “Oh, the Humanity.”
  • Innistrad for Standard—Kyle Boggemes’ set review focuses on the cards he sees as Standard playable.
  • Innistrad Spotlights—Josh SIlvestri goes just beyond the Giest, the ‘Walkers, and Mr. Chan to give us three more cards to get excited about.
  • Enchantments—Justin Vizaro discusses some surprisingly playable Enchantments, Curses, and Auras.
  • Nothing Personal, Just Business—Todd Anderson has his sights set on winning with Puresteel Paladin and a certain spirit cleric.
  • Fran-tic Search—Francis Toussaint brews up a couple of Forbidden Alchemy decks modeled on classic archetypes.


  • How to Beat Bombs—Gavin Verhey urges you not to wave a white flag this weekend as soon as an opponent’s mythic hits the table.  Get geared up for sealed!
  • M12 MVPs—Darwin Kastle lists underdogs like Guardians’ Pledge and Runeclaw Bear along side some more obvious selections.
  • Booster Battle Pack—Ertai’s Lament reviews the new limited product intended for two players.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

  • Snap Call—It’s not too early for Caleb Durward to start working Snapcaster Mage into his Legacy and Modern lists.
  • I Retain Priority—Alexander Sheare’s reaction to the heavy ban hammer being swung around in the Modern format.
  • Drinking from the Dead Guy Ale—Gene Richtsmeier
  • Picking Brains—Mark Hornung takes his readers across the Bridge from Below in order to explore the evolution of the Dredge archetype.
  • Legacy Player for Worlds—Christopher Walton makes a run at Worlds Qualification almost entirely on Legacy, an impossible feat under the Planeswalker Points system.

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Challenging Commander’s Banned List—Jeremy Blair argues for the unbanning of cards like Black Lotus in a format where power level and cost weigh heavily into banning decisions.  Read his response to the actual ban list changes here
  • Commanderpalooza: The latest edition of Adam Styborski’s Commander Box series also serves as a list of generals that won’t paint a target on your face. 
  • Puzzle Commander Challenge—Nathan Weizenbaum knows that speed kills, so he’s asking for another turn one win. 
  • Kaizen and being ROTTY—Usman Jamil applies concepts of continual improvement and results-oriented thinking to cube design and revision. 
  • How to Control Up your Type 4—Abe Sargent adds some utility creatures, counterspells, and some Fog effects that help players live to fight another turn. 
  • Finally!—Cotton Rhetoric has some fun with the digital Vanguard format.


  • Post-Rotation Pickups (SCG$) — Jonathon Medina picks his core cards and role playing rares that should be on the rise with the emergence of a new Type Two.
  • A First Glance at Innistrad—Kelly Reid took this financial overview of the new expansion to print shortly after the spoiler was complete.
  • Thirty-Three Calls for Your Prerelease Pleasure—Josh Rayden has a handy cheat sheet created for prerelease traders.  Scoop up those new hot cards!
  • Same Old…Or is It? –JB Kaufman reviews the most expensive cards in Innistrad.  Are they overrated?  Underpriced?
  • Expected Values (SCG$) -- Ted Knutson knows that if you give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach him how to speculate he’ll be able to afford competitive magic.
  • Price Memory—Chas Andres discusses how to turn the financial equivalent of a set point into a tidy profit.
  • How to Truly Go Infinite (QS$) — Chad Havas interviews the owner of BruteForceGames about how to succeed on eBay.

Theory and Miscellany

  • The Secrets to #Winning—Adam Yurchick on what separates the men from the boys, and the steps you’ll need to take if you aspire to the next level.
  • Damia Easter Egg Hunt—Mike Linnemann leads the hunt for allusions and artifacts hidden within the legendary gorgon’s artwork.

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