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Magic #25 Exclusive: The Bolas Comic Arc Ends


I'm back again to talk about comics before we get back to debriefing Magic Con Philadelphia.

I have a preview for everyone on the big culmination of the first big arc of the BOOM comic series.

Before we get there, I have to again ask you to read the comics.

The Magic comics are good.

The Magic comics are good.

The Magic comics are good.

The Magic comics are so good.

They are shockingly good and they are running separate canon from our normal card storyline. And it's in depth, diverse, super interesting with a ton of fan service and is very worth your time. Plus, they're comics, they are not expensive!

They have an oversized final issue coming up, #25, and it's available in April. You should be trying to get that variant cover lined up from your local shop already, but in case not, this one is worth looking into.

In the epic conclusion to the longest continuous Magic: The Gathering comic series, Nicol Bolas, endowed with godlike powers, is ready to take back the Multiverse. At the edge of existence, our Planeswalkers are discordant, overpowered, and unprepared. Their only hope? Outnumbering the dragon...with more Planeswalkers packed onto the page than ever before!

Simultaneously, the spectral voice haunting Jace is revealed, with a secret weapon that Jace must wield, if he can...

Take a look!

-Vorthos Mike

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