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What is Worldwake?


Update: Wizards has announced that Worldwake is the 2nd set in the Zendikar block. Read more...

Perusing the US Patent and Trademark Office can be quite beneficial when you're looking to peek ahead a few chapters in the world of Wizards. They, like any good business, seek to protect their assets. By browsing the USPTO the name Zendikar broke, and now ManaNation believes it has found another hot one - Worldwake.

Three theories what Worldwake is:

  1. The real name for 'Long' the second set in the Zendikar block. Given the timing this seems the most likely though the naming doesn't quite jive. Wizards applied for Worldwake in April, this would allow them plenty of time to get it complete and thus protect the set if that is its purpose. However, if we look at it as 'World Wake' and take it literally, Zendikar is pretty much universally believed to be jungle themed, and so it could be a spin off as the plane awakens to its latent Magical powers.
  2. The name most closely resembles the recently announced 'Planechase' which is a variant for Magic. The similarities in name is the most compelling reason to follow this belief; along with Wizards' current run of extras that they're releasing to the hordes. The problem though is that Planechase made sense, you're racing to the different Plane locations. How does Worldwake work? Perhaps players are travelling to new planes and awakening them to their Magical potential? We'll see!
  3. It's actually the secret code-name for Chuck Norris' new custom card type.

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