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  • Guilds of Ravnica Art Review

    The time has come for Vorthos Mike to delve into the art of the latest set. It's the Guilds of Ravnica Art Review!
  • Convertible Commander: Sweet Child of Mine

    New Guilds of Ravnica cards have you feeling down in Commander? Mark breaks out the hate to put the Guilds in their place!
  • The Many Faces of Pauper Tron

    Kendra takes you on a tour through the many iterations of Pauper's resident big mana deck!
  • Magic Mics: Top Ten Most Flavorful Cards

    This week, Magic Mics tackles their Top Ten Most Flavorful Cards!
  • Optimizing Your Experiment

    Mike Flores waxes poetic about the coolest new card from Guilds of Ravnica: Experimental Frenzy!
  • 99 Problems: Going for Distance

    Robby revisits his Brion Stoutarm deck to see if recent sets can help it go the distance!
  • The End of Magic

    Abe takes a moment to stop and think about what would happen in Magic ended today.
  • Cartel Aristocrts #119: Correct Calls

    It’s all called shots, falling card prices, and recent GPs on this week’s Cartel Aristocrats with special guest Douglas Johnson!
  • Modern Musings

    Rudy prepares to dive back into Modern, examining the state of the format and figuring out what to play!
  • Countdown

    Bruce introduces a multiplayer Magic variant that changes things up without requiring players to build new decks!