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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Issar Roon's Departure

    The visits were shorter. The stories were slower. The distance in his eyes was unmistakable. Your time with Issar Roon is at it's end.
  • Miraculous Framing!

    The miracle mechanic has heralded a new card frame, but it wasn't the first mechanic to do so. Ben Olsen sifts through the history of the face of Magic!
  • PAX Immensus

    Bruce was on the floor of PAX East, and he wasn't just there for the Magic! Come see what makes PAX one of the best conventions on the planet!
  • The Archive

    The history of the multiverse is long, and old. Issar shares some of the sights of Dominara from ages long gone!
  • Weapons of the Multiverse

    It's dangerous out there! Issar's back with a breakdown of things to take with you, as well as watch out for!
  • Caliman

    The forgotten history within the multiverse is vast, except where a library of a man stands testament to all knowledge. Join Issar as he recounts Caliman, a distant corner of Dominaria!
  • The Guildpact

    The Guildact was the magic that saved Ravnica from self-destruction, but defined generations to their fated roles. Issar breaks down the result of the division of position on Ravnica!
  • Ravnica

    Ravnica, a plane entirely covered with its selfsame city. What is the wonder, and danger, of the megalopolis of the multiverse?
  • Taysir's Deaths

    Taysir was among the mightest. Oh how the mighty can fall. Issar's tale of one of the oldest among us ends in betrayal and sorrow.
  • (Not Quite a) Tournament Report

    Guest writer Beth Liston shares her recent story of a PTQ Top 8... with players ripped from over a decade ago.