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Top Ten Mass Removal Spells in Type Four


Hello Happy Readers!!!!!!!! I hope that your day has been going magnificently well! Over the last few weeks I've been giving you the best Non-Free Counters and Bounce effects for the format Type Four, and today I want to look at one of the best answers in the format - mass removal.

What is Type Four? Okay! There are three rules for the format.

  • Rule #1 - You have any amount of mana of any color and type from 6 black snow mana to 1500 colorless mana.
  • Rule #2 - You can cast just one spell per turn.
  • Rule #3 - If you cast a spell with an alternate mana cost, said spell is free! For example, consider the original pitch counter Force of Will. If you have already cast your spell for the turn and you need an emergency answer, you can exile a blue card and lose life to cast it for free! The cleave counter Wash Away is always free since cleave is an alternate casting cost. Make sense? Great snake!

You can check out my Stack here - Type 4 Stack - List - Cube Cobra. The vast majority of these are cheap to acquire and I'll list the price for you here for the cheapest near mint version here at CoolStuffInc. The majority are bulk rares under a buck, and most of the others are under the price a booster pack. We only have a few exceptions.

Honorable Mention #1. Kirtar's Wrath AND Phyrexian Rebirth AND Desolation Giant

Kirtar's Wrath
Phyrexian Rebirth
Desolation Giant

We'll kick things of with this trio of happiness and joy. As you can see, these are mass removal effects that only hit dorks. Kirtar's Mass Removal sorcery will prevent regeneration and then maybe make a pair of 1/1 flyers afterwards. Its threshold is pretty likely in Type Four.

The Phyrexian Mass Removal spell will allow regeneration, but will make a dork as well, this time 100% of the time, and the dork is an X/X dork without flying that's also an artifact that is the number of destroyed things. If you took out a normal number of 2 or 4 things, then that will typically be between 2/2 and a 4/4. Note that this does count tokens, so if you swept a foe's four Squirrels and a Deranged Hermit, you'll net a 5/5 at least.

The Giant will always be kicked and leave behind a 3/3 Giant with no abilities but a guaranteed body. Leaving something behind is really nice! The Giant is just $0.35 for its cheapest version, and the other two are $0.49 bulk rares.

Honorable Mention #2. Taste of Death

Taste of Death

This is a fun recently printed card. I enjoy that it forces everyone to sacrifice 3 dorks, so it's one better than Barter in Blood, and that gets a better sacrifice force. Forcing folks to sacrifice stuff gets past indestructible dorks on defense from mass sweepers. This will also usually make you 9 life, which is pretty good as well, since we start at 20 life in this format. They are also usable as targets in Rise and Shine to make them into a mass set of blockers and attackers. Good stuff! This thing is just $0.49 to acquire.

Honorable Mention #3. Tergrid's Shadow

Tergrid's Shadow

This is a bit better than Taste of Death even though it's just two dorks sacrificed instead of three. First of all, Barter in Blood effects aren't usually instant speed, so that's pretty nice. Secondly, you can foretell it on your turn, and then cast it on a future turn instantly for free, and it won't take up your turn. As you can see it's pretty nice and dandy, just like candy! It's 4 for $0.80 here.

#10. Austere Command

Austere Command

At $2.99 this is the most expensive card on my list thus far, but you can see why. It can sweep anything of two, from big dorks and artifacts to big dorks and enchantments, both of which should clean the board quite ably. It's a very flexible mass removal spell that we love to pieces! Its price is likely due to it being a big name sweeper in Commander.

#9. Decree of Pain AND Overwhelming Forces

Decree of Pain
Overwhelming Forces

I love this pair of awesome mass removal-ry combined with massive card draw! The first is a classic Type Four card that can sweep every creature on the battlefield without regeneration, and then you can draw a card for each dork that was popped. Nasty! You can also cycle it to draw a card and get a card-free Infest if you need to clear out the unusual board state with a bunch of tokens like Increasing Devotion getting flashed back. The Decree is a $3.49 card.

Overwhelming Forces will destroy the dorks target foe controls (it's been errata'ed to work on target opponent) and, again, you draw some cards. But it's only been reprinted as a Judge Promo that costs $31.99 to get one, and that is, by far, the most expensive card on today's list.

#8B. Hallowed Burial AND Final Judgment AND Black Sun's Zenith

Hallowed Burial
Final Judgment
Black Sun's Zenith

This next section are mass creature sweepers that can handle one major problem. The Burial is a classic sweeping effect at the kitchen table since it tucks it's swept stuff and there are no crazy issues with the graveyard and indestructible, but they can be tutored for. That's rare as we don't run many traditional tutors since you have to take a turn off for something like Demonic Tutor or Vampiric Tutor. They are bad tempo. The Burial is just $1.49 here.

The Judgment is better than the Burial's tucking since it exiles the creatures in question. It's never been reprinted so it's a pricier $3.49 to acquire. The Zenith is here to destroy everything, and indestructible stuff cannot be saved. It's also possible to keep your stuff something if it has a bigger butt. It's a heavy Commander staple so it's a pricier $5.99. Unlike the other two, it also allows foes to bring back their stuff.

#8A. Merciless Eviction

Merciless Eviction

Merciless Eviction has all of the strengths of Final Judgment - it exiles the dorks you need answered. Permanently. But it also can be used to exile something exile, like planeswalkers, artifacts or enchantments if that's needed. It's another staple in Commander and it costs $2.99 for the cheapest version.

#7. Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Elspeth, Sun's Champion

At $11.99, this is one of the best planeswalkers ever printed for the casual table, and it shows. Elspeth is also one of the best planeswalkers for Type Four. Her -3 on arrival can sweep anything with a 4 or more power, which is pretty much anything. Then she can +1 to make a trio of 1/1 attackers to swing after the mass removal effect, or before it if there is nothing to sweep away. She's both very reactive with her Wrath'ery and very proactive with her triple token making. Love her to death!

#6. Akroma's Vengeance AND Planar Cleansing AND Jokulhaups AND Friends

Akroma's Vengeance
Planar Cleansing

Our last spot before we hit the top five proper is for mass sweepers that sweep more things than just dorks! The original one of these was Ice Age's Jokulhaups, which was reprinted and costs $4.99 for its cheapest version. Since it destroys lands, it's fine to dine with in Type Four since we do have some nasty nonbasic lands here, but it's less welcome in many other metagames. Play your copy here!

Later this ability to sweep more than critters was brought in Akroma's Vengeance which sweeps dorks, rocks, and enchantments. It also cycles in case you are looking out for more. It's been reprinted so often that it's just a bulk rare now at $0.49 a copy. This ability to sweep many more things than just dorks was reminded as a key white spell in Planar Cleansing a base set card. It sweeps planeswalkers as well. It's also just $0.49 for its cheapest version here at the show as well. If you look, you'll see more of these uber reset buttons have been printed down the years.

Ready for the Top Five? Let's do it to it!

#5. Obliterate


Obliterate is when red got serious with its mass removal. ($3.49 for the cheapest version) Sure, it had Jokulhaups and Devastation from a Portal set but this 8 drop dominated kitchen table play since it cannot be countered. This is the most powerful mass sweeping effect in Red, but there is a class of mass sweeper that will hit higher than Obliterate. What? Let's find out!

#4. Plague Wind AND In Garruk's Wake AND Dread Cacodemon

Plague Wind
In Garruk's Wake
Dread Cacodemon

This is the highest scoring mono-Black color identity cards in our countdown! This triumvirate of terror began with Plague Wind way back when. It destroys (without regeneration) any dork out there that is not yours, and is the best card ever designed to keep your stuff safe and ready to swing on a naked board. It's $2.49 for the cheapest near mint version.

Then we got the core set new Plague Wind that also destroyed walkers of the planes but allowed regeneration, a good swap for your 9 mana. The Wake costs just around a buck elsewhere, but it's sold out here.

The last card here was printed in Commander decks and is the 10 mana 8/8 Plague Wind on legs which, if you cast it from your hand, you can blow up other dorks but tap your own preventing an alpha strike. It's $2.99 for the cheapest version here.

#3. Rout AND Friends including Starstorm AND Fated Retribution

Fated Retribution

Our highest-scoring non-free mass removal spell is one that can be cast instantly. Instant mass removal is just so much better than regular speed removal, especially in Type Four where you cannot mass remove on your main phase and then use your remaining mana to cast things. For example, loads of creatures in this format have haste, like Lightning Skelemental or Decimator of the Provinces. If you have instant mass removal you can cast prior to getting smashed, and then you can be the first one to cast a creature in your main phase. There are many instant speed mass removal spells. Rout is under a dollar, Starstorm is a bulk rare at $0.49, and even Fated Retribution is a bulk rare as well. Starstorm can cycle if you need something else! Good trilogy worth reading.

#2. Terminus AND Planar Outburst AND Sunscour

Planar Outburst

Remember Rule #3 about this format? If you cast a spell with an alternate cost, then it doesn't count as your spell for the turn. Each of these three cards has a free option. Terminus is an amazing sweeper even when you don't get it for free, since you tuck dorks and as we saw above, that's highly valuable. Miracle is hard to pull off, but when you do draw it, you often use it, since you'll always get a post-sweeper first play.

The Outburst is the one of these I see the most. With 24 nonbasic lands in my Type Four Stack, having a land and it in your hand isn't unheard of. Cast it in the precombat phase on your Maze of Ith or Rogue's Passage and it becomes a 4/4 with haste that swings on a naked board. Then cast a dork post combat and you have two dorks out now. Good stuff!

The Sunscour can be cast for free as a pitch spell with two white cards - we have 96 mono-White cards plus multicolored ones, so that's not often, but I've seen it happen. These cards are $1.99, $0.49, and $1.25 respectively. Good stuff for the budget!

#1C. Doomskar


Ah yes, foretell shows its head again, and this time it's personal! As you can see, Doomskar can take a main phase off, and then cast this in a future main phase without counting as your card for the turn. Also note that this can, still, be cast as a normal Wrath in case you need an answer now. You don't have to wait a turn like a suspend: 1 card. Doomskar is getting play in Standard and has a cost of $1.99 for its cheapest version as a result. Still cheap for your consideration.

#1B. Damn AND Path of Peril

Path of Peril

Forget foretelling for a turn! You can just drop these Orzhov color identity sorceries and clear out the world and then be the first to drop a creature afterwards. I would really love to do it sweeping in your pre-combat phase, then drop a fat haster and then swing on a naked board out of nowhere! Nasty stuff, right? But these two free Wrath of God are not my highest rated card... (Damn is $3.99 for the cheapest version but Path of Peril is just $0.49)

...so what is?

#1A. Winds of Abandon

Winds of Abandon

It's this! Damn and Path of Peril are free Wraths of God. This is a free Plague Wind! As you can see, you can overload this, and it exiles each target dork you don't control. That's a nice exiling answer. Then they can fetch out a basic land, but we don't have any of those, so they get nothing from this effect other than a sad face. This is the best mass sweeping removal effect in the format! This Modern Horizons card will set you back $3.49. Not bad considering its mad power!

And there we go! Anything in here that you are inspired to run? Anything that I am missing? Anything you agree or disagree with? Just let me know and have an amazing day today!

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