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Calix's Brawl Adventure


Who wants to get their Brawl on, planeswalker style?

Calix, Destiny's Hand

Calix is a fun card, and I really wanted to build around him in a casual context. I don't like the nasty spike angle of Oathbreaker and I don't want to cheat by making him a Commander, so that leaves...

Brawl, baby!

Calix has three points of intersection I want to unpack.

  1. Calix's first ability works best when you have enough density of enchantments to make It reliable. Unlike other similar +1s you can't grab a land or a dork or choose from multiple card types. Only enchantments.
  2. Calix's second ability to exile things is really going to want durable enchantments. You don't want to -3 a starting 4 loyalty planeswalker only to have that -3 be undone by someone calmly destroying your enchantment and getting a two for one. You want durable enchantments.
  3. Calix's third ability is best if you have a fat graveyard of enchantments. Thus, enchantments that can reliably repeat are ideal here.

There are three ways that I can see me doing these three things:

Dryad of the Ilysian Grove
Omen of the Sun
Join Shields
Unbreakable Formation

While Standard effects like Join Shields or Unbreakable Formation may not defend anything other than my dorks, they will help enchantment dorks.

Siona, Captain of the Pyleas
All that Glitters
Warbriar Blessing

Will I run enough Auras to make Siona, Captain of the Pyleas work? I think so. I added in the fighting aura of Warbriar Blessing, as well as useful others and the powerhouse All That Glitters. Both of them are very intoxicatingly powerful at punching folks. You dig 7 cards down with Siona, so you can have a smaller amount of auras to work than Callx will need.

Urban Utopia
Setessan Training

We also have Urban Utopia that will draw that cards on arrival and keep up that card flow. Little effects like this here and there are valuable in a build for colors that may not always have enough options out there for card drawing. Plus, they are fine if they die, and great on a return visit. I chose not to add in Angelic Gift as all it gave was flying, but if you wanted to add it in, no judgment!

Destiny Spinner
Eidolon of Obstruction

Want some cool dork enchantments? Great! Both of these are easy to cast and can give you a strong early game board presence. They both will interfere with your foe's route of attack. Nope! You are not countering my dorks or my enchantments. Stop that! Nope! You are no longer activating planewalkers for free either. Use that mana; slow your roll.

Arasta of the Endless Web

Speaking of slowing your foe's roll, Arasta of the Endless Web is a solid +1/+1 improvement over the standard Giant Spider as well as netting you additional creatures for your team as your foes decide to cast those precious instants and sorceries.

Alseid of Life's Bounty

In this deck, Alseid of Life's Bounty plays a vital role, as it isn't just a 1-drop, on-theme dork. By self-sacrificing for the cause, you can protect a key dork or enchantment from death. (such as one that might be keeping their key card way from the battlefield). It can also return with Calix's final ability or others in the build.

Ajani, the Greathearted

Ajani and Calix are great friends! Ajani can arrive quickly and increase counters on your stuff and your leader. Very few of my dorks have vigilance naturally, and none of the Auras grant it, so having the ability to swing at people while keeping your shields up is very valuable indeed.

Karn's Bastion
Grateful Apparition

I also added a minor smattering of proliferate stuff. Karn's Bastion can serve as great mana sink and raiser of loyalty tokens for Calix, who's at his best when he's getting that ultimate. You want to build him up to it without sacrificing your theme. As a flyer, Grateful Apparition can load up some auras and fly over defenses, and give you a proliferate trigger to help Calix get there as well.

Archon of Sun's Grace
Setessan Champion

Are you looking for some quality constellation triggers? You want to draw some cards or make some flyers from enchantments that arrive to battlefield? Sure! You got it! Like the Apparition above, the Archon not only flies, but rocks lifelink to boot, so it's a great aura wielder.

Starfield Mystic

Starfield Mystic was an obvious plant, and getting reductions for your many dorks while also adding in a death trigger is fun. Because it gives counters, it's a permanent boost. You can sacrifice an Omen or something like the Alseid in order to pump it up. It also loves your proliferate too, making it a fun team player from all angles.

Plaza of Harmony
District Guide

Mana matters! Because I am running both Selesnya Guildgate and Gateway Plaza I have a couple of gate fetchers such a District Guide in here. Getting the right color of mana is very useful. I also have Plaza of Harmony, which can make a little life on arrival if you have both. If you only control one, you can still tap the Plaza for all of your color makling needs.

Want to see my Brawl Deck?

Let's do it!

And there you are! By my quick count, we have 21 enchantments in the build. We also have Heliod's Pilgrim and Idyllic Tutor to grab a key enchantment from the deck. We have cards like Smothering Tithe and Guardian Project to help out with mana and draws. Due to the Brawl decks last year, both Command Tower and Arcane Signet are legal and I included both.

There you are! Anything in there that I missed or that you want to try out? Any Theros Beyond Death-inspired Brawl decks you are looking to unfurl? Just let me know!

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